Aluminum Industry Solutions: Designed to Improve Performance

Silver City Aluminum provides services to many different industries. Custom extrusion design has made it possible for our clients to achieve results that they would never have dreamed of with standard aluminum design. Aluminum industry solutions are becoming more and more valuable each day, as companies seek out sustainable options and various industries look for new ways to reduce weight to boost fuel efficiency. Extrusion and fabrication have been around for a long time, but never before has the aluminum extrusion industry been so much in demand.

In addition to standard and custom extrusion design, our team can also help you with secondary operations, fabrication, finishing, and even assembly. Working with a one stop shop facility has many benefits, including improved quality control and shorter lead times. Everyone from our engineers and designers to the technicians out on the floor works together to help create aluminum industry solutions that are valuable, cost-effective, and that exceed all of your expectations.

Electronics Industry Solutions
The use of aluminum alloys, extrusion and fabrication to develop solutions for the electronics industry has grown by leaps and bounds. Aluminum is a great conductor or electricity and heat, making it the perfect choice for heat sinks, interior product frames, motor housings, and assorted electrical components. The cost to use aluminum alloys is much cheaper than other more commonly used materials, plus the natural anti-corrosive nature of aluminum can be extremely beneficial for the electronics industry.

LED Lighting Industry
As this market continues to grow, Silver City Aluminum is up to the challenge of designing aluminum industry solutions for LED lighting and structural components. Through the use of secondary operations, we are able to completely customize and create a very useful end product for the LED lighting industry. Our custom extrusion design provides extremely precise and consistent results to each and every client that we serve. See our website for more information on the LED lighting industry projects that we have completed in recent years.

Transportation Industry
Cars, trucks, trains, buses – America relies heavily on the transportation to get people and goods from place to place. Aluminum industry solutions designed specifically to benefit the transportation industry have been used for many years. Extrusion and fabrication of aluminum alloys that have an advantage in a lower weight to high strength ratio have helped create safe, durable, and reliable parts for the automotive and trucking industries that work to reduce the overall weight of the vehicle, improving fuel efficiency. A lighter truck and trailer means a lighter load, allowing for more items to be transported cross country at once.

Aerospace Industry
Airplanes, helicopters, space shuttles, rockets, and even satellites benefit greatly from custom extrusion design and aluminum industry solutions. Custom extrusion and fabrication, combined with unique secondary operations, help this industry to keep growing and making improvements to their projects, helping them to break new ground and reach new heights. Our engineers have worked closely with representatives from the aerospace industry to expand the use of custom extrusion design in this field.

Marine Industry
Our close proximity to major ports and marine industry names in New England has given us a clear advantage in the development of aluminum industry solutions for the marine industry. We have designed and extruded a wide range of standard and custom boat rails for power boats, sailboats, and other types of watercraft. We have also extruded structural materials, docks, and aluminum decking for the professional marine industry, as well as for consumer products. Through the use of custom extrusion design, we are able to create cost-effective and valuable solutions that are designed to outlast similar products made using other materials and methods.

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