Sustainable Aluminum Extrusions: Good for the Environment

Architects and builders are always looking for new ways to incorporate materials and technology that lessen the strain on the surrounding environment. One way to achieve this is to utilize custom extrusion design for aluminum to meet the growing demands for green energy codes and sustainable design. In addition to being a great contributor to green commercial and residential structures, sustainable aluminum extrusions are also more cost-effective to create than other materials or methods. Savings can be realized by eliminating many of the post extrusion operations that would otherwise be required if standard profiles were used simply by designing custom dies to achieve the same results.

Additional steps, such as finishing, assembly or specialty services, can be performed in-house at Silver City Aluminum at our one stop shop fabrication and extrusion facility. Once again, the client saves on costs associated with sending parts to other vendors by choosing a company that does all of its work at one location. Lead time is reduced considerably since there is no delay in wait time for parts to be transported from one location to the next. Even shipping is handled in-house by our own shipping department, providing better quality control and results in every step of the way.

Why Choose Aluminum?
Aluminum is one of the most recycled metals on the planet. It is unique in that it can be recycled infinitely without losing any of its inherent qualities. No matter how many times you recycle aluminum, creating standard or custom extrusion design, it will still have all of the same properties that make it such an attractive metal in the first place. Aluminum is non-magnetic, is a great conductor of heat, and is naturally non-corrosive, making it a great choice for many different industries. It can be melted down, extruded into an unlimited array of shapes and sizes, and used in a number of different ways.

Thanks in large part to the aluminum can recycling program in North America, awareness about this super metal has spread far and near. Most people know that aluminum can be completely recycled and, when combined with various alloys, can increase the value of its properties, boosting strength, durability, and other abilities exponentially. Much energy is saved each year by simply recycling aluminum materials to be used again and again, compared to the energy consumption requirements for mining and refining raw aluminum. As a result, manufacturers are able to save on materials costs due to the decrease in resources required to create billets for extrusion or other methods of production.

The Choice for Construction
Today, sustainable aluminum extrusions are the top choice in materials for commercial construction. Many of the top architectural designers in the world prefer to use aluminum extrusion over other materials. Whether custom extrusion design is used or alterations to standard profiles are made via post extrusion operations, aluminum parts and products are able to make a major impact on environmental concerns and green construction codes. There are many benefits to using custom extrusion design, especially when secondary operations can be reduced or eliminated at one stop shop fabrication facilities to cut costs and lower energy consumption for the total project.

Many construction contractors and architects have spent years studying the possibilities available through the use of sustainable aluminum extrusions. An entirely new generation of green construction codes has been added based on the thermal performance of components created with standard or custom extrusion design. Industry experts have helped to research the sustainable characteristics found in extruded parts and products, helping to bring aluminum to the forefront of the increased demand for green buildings and environmentally friendly construction techniques.

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