Traditional Aluminum Frames for Durable Storage and Shelving

When it comes to purchasing or manufacturing commercial shelving as a viable storage solution in warehouses, food service storage and other supply stocking situations, aluminum might not be your first choice. However, compared to steel and other common materials used for storage and shelving, there are some pretty clear advantages when it comes to this amazing metal. Affordable and friendly to the environment, traditional aluminum frames can be easily made using standard rod and bar aluminum. Through the use of standard aluminum extrusions and some custom modifications, manufacturers can reduce costs associated with secondary operations and expedite assembly.

Benefit #1 – Aluminum is Resistant to Corrosion
One of the biggest advantages to choosing aluminum for any part or product, whether it is being designed for the food service industry, automotive industry, marine industry or any other commercial purpose, is that it is resistant to rust and other types of corrosion. It is resistant to most environments, including food handling environments, such as cold storage, freezers, chillers and preparation areas. Aluminum is self-healing if it becomes scratched, which is the opposite of steel, which will corrode rapidly if a break, scratch or cut occurs.

Benefit #2 – Aluminum is Lightweight, Yet Strong
Compared to steel and other metals, you will find that your custom and standard aluminum extrusions will be much lighter in weight. This is beneficial in a number of ways. It makes it easier to move around the traditional aluminum frames, unlike steel and other materials, which can require equipment to relocate around the warehouse or stockroom. Aluminum is much lighter than steel, yet it is still very strong and resilient to damage, wear and tear. Rod and bar aluminum, along with other custom and standard extrusion profiles, are being used in the automotive industry to reduce weight, while still providing the strength and durability required for today’s safety standards.

Benefit #3 – Aluminum is Very Cost-Effective
Because aluminum is one of the most recycled materials on the planet, it is also very plentiful and cost-effective. Raw aluminum can require a lot of energy and effort to produce, but recycled aluminum retains all of the inherent qualities of brand new materials, yet is produced at a fraction of the price. Aluminum is used in the aerospace industry because it provides a lifetime of cost-savings, guaranteeing a higher margin for return on investment, while offering all of the required strength and structural integrity. When parts are created using extrusion, compared to other methods, there are even more cost savings that can be employed.

Benefit #4 – Aluminum is Environmentally Friendly
Compared to other metals and structural materials, aluminum is very friendly to the environment. Because it can be recycled over and over again without using any of its qualities or integrity, aluminum is ideal for today’s concerns about reducing energy consumption in manufacturing and production. When custom or standard aluminum extrusions are used for the development or rod and bar aluminum, traditional aluminum frames, and other parts and components, many of the secondary operations required in other manufacturing methods are eliminated, thereby reducing energy consumption and costs as a result.

Benefit #5 – Aluminum is Cheaper to Ship
Due to being much more lightweight than steel and other metal materials, it actually costs less to ship aluminum parts and products. For companies that manufacture parts for consumers, this means less shipping costs. For businesses that transport storage and shelving solutions to warehouses and locations across the country, this means that it will cost less to move these items from one place to another. In fact, it is possible to fit more items into a single truckload when you are using rod and bar aluminum or other traditional aluminum frames, due to limits on weight for truck drivers.

Storage & Shelving Solutions at Silver City Aluminum
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