Increased Demand for Extruded Aluminum: LED Lighting Industry

Extrusion and fabrication of aluminum products is anticipated to increase rapidly in the coming years. One study revealed that the global market for aluminum will grow at a rate of nearly six percent over the next couple of years, the largest significant boost in growth since the 1970s. Extruded aluminum has been a popular choice across many different industries, providing many advantages over other metals.

In the automotive industry, aluminum fabrication shops are helping to reduce weight, while still maintaining durability and safety, allowing for improvements in fuel mileage to meet consumer demands. In the construction industry, aluminum is now able to be used in a wide range of ways not even considered just a few years ago. Thanks to custom aluminum coating solutions, aluminum is now used in consumer products, including indoor and outdoor furniture, as well as high technology solutions for solar energy, telecommunications, and more.

Environmental Advantages
When it comes to choosing a material that will meet the demands of today’s eco-friendly designs and environmental awareness, aluminum is still an excellent choice. Extrusion and fabrication of aluminum is done primarily with recycled aluminum. In fact, aluminum is 100 percent recyclable and as much as 75 percent of all aluminum products created for consumers is recycled and reused in some way. This helps to reduce the cost of manufacturing, making aluminum a very cost-effective material, helping to reduce overhead costs for industry.

It is anticipated that the demand for top quality aluminum parts, products and components in the United States will increase in the coming years. More and more manufacturers are requesting extruded aluminum parts from reputable aluminum fabrication shops like Silver City Aluminum, located in Taunton, Massachusetts. While we are located in Southeastern Massachusetts, we provide our services and fulfill orders to clients all over the world. We have built a reputation based on our unique ability to create quality custom solutions for our customers through the use of custom-designed profiles to reduce lead time and cost.

Aluminum for Lighting
One of the biggest advantages of choosing to use extruded aluminum, either with or without custom aluminum coating solutions, is the metal’s ability to conduct heat. The heat conducting properties of aluminum make it extremely effective for heat sinks. While used across many different industries, the extrusion and fabrication of aluminum is used for LED lighting systems, power transistors, large CPUs, and even telecommunications towers, all of which rely on heat sinks.

A heat sink works to passively exchange heat, dissipating it throughout the extruded aluminum component to cool the device that surrounds it. It is a key element in many of today’s high-tech products and devices, which generate a lot of heat during use. As many companies switch over to the more energy-efficient LED lighting technology, the market is anticipated to see as much as a 40 percent growth in the coming year. Other industries, which also rely on aluminum extrusion and fabrication for their heat sink components, such as telecommunications, are also expected to experience continued growth in the coming years.

Finding a Reputable Provider
Companies that manufacture and sell LED lighting, either direct to consumers or for the commercial market, need to find aluminum fabrication shops that can provide them with the services they require to meet the growing demands of their clients. While there a lot of companies trying to capitalize on the increase in demand for aluminum parts, pieces, products and components, it is important to find a service that has the knowledge and experience necessary to create the parts that you need with the quality that you require.

Silver City Aluminum has earned a strong reputation for providing top quality extrusion and fabrication, either for custom designed parts and components or through standard profile extrusions. In addition, specialized services are also available, including custom aluminum coating solutions and much more. If you are interested in learning more about how Silver City Aluminum can provide your business with custom or standard extruded aluminum, give us a call at 508-824-8631 and speak with one of our customer service agents or technicians. Located in Taunton, Massachusetts, our team provides professional services and deliveries to customers all across the country and around the globe.