Enhancing Aluminum Products: Using Post Extrusion Operations

While there are many advantages of using aluminum for commercial, industrial, and consumer parts, products, goods, and components, there are things that you can do to further enhance the natural abilities of aluminum to make it even more strong, durable, and long-lasting. Aluminum is naturally resistant to corrosion, which makes it an idea choice for industries where there is exposure to atmospheres that could cause corrosion in other metals. No matter how many times aluminum is recycled and reused to create standard or custom extrusions, it maintains all of its natural structural integrity and qualities.

Long & Short Part Fabrication
In order to meet all of the unique needs of our clients, we provide a series of post extrusion operations and services. CNC fabrication is a popular choice for many of the parts, products and components that we create. We have the ability to fabricate parts up to 30 feet in length on our high-speed Emmegi CNC machines, which feature a 4+1 controlled axis. The advantage of the fourth axis is that is allows the spindle to be continuously controlled in the range between zero and 180 degrees.

Our technicians also use angle machining heads, which can be used to machine the five faces of a processed part, drilling, tapping and machining at extremely tight tolerances with consistency and perfection. We can even fabricate parts between a quarter of an inch on up to 27 inches in our high-speed Fanuc Robo Drill units. This type of machine operates by using a three axis high-speed system that can machine parts to extremely tight tolerances, providing consistent results each and every time.

Punching, Sawing, and Mitering
In addition to the post extrusion operations listed above, there are other services that we provide to help our clients benefit from all of the advantages of using aluminum. We are able to create aluminum industry solutions that make it easy for commercial, industrial and consumer based industries to succeed. Punching is done through the use of our custom pneumatic and hydraulic punches. We even have the ability to create custom punches for both high and low volume jobs, while still maintaining consistent, high quality standards.

We also use our two B&O state-of-the-art precision saws to finish cut our standard and custom extrusions. These saws help our customers to create truly custom parts, taking advantage of all the benefits of aluminum products, creating extremely tight tolerances for pieces that range between a quarter of an inch to 240 inches in length. Mitering capabilities for our mitering saw, range between 22.5 degrees to 135 degrees, for pieces that range between 13.75 inches to 19 feet, 8 inches in length. Whatever post extrusion operations your order requires, our technicians can help to meet or exceed your expectations.

De-burring Services
While many companies that provide aluminum industry solutions through custom extrusion and post extrusion operations charge extra for de-burring services, at Silver City Aluminum, we include de-burring for all of our machined parts as a standard part of the process. Our goal is to create high quality finished products for each and every client we serve. De-burring is done after punching or other fabrication processes to ensure that there aren’t any small burrs left behind. We want our clients to enjoy all of the benefits of aluminum products, so quality control is an important part of the work that we do every day. Vibratory de-burring and tumbler de-burring may be used, depending on the type and size of the parts we are creating.

Finishing Services
Once the parts are completed and inspected to ensure that they meet all of the client’s specifications, we can provide any finishing services that have been requested. Finishing can include painting services, which are available in an unlimited array of colors. Our four-step pre-painting process ensures proper adhesion for long-lasting, great-looking results. Our technicians can also provide clients with powder-coating and anodizing services, which allow us to add a texture or sheen in addition to color, to enhance the function and aesthetics of the finished product.

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