Secondary Operations: Use Custom Extrusions to Reduce Labor

Most business owners are aware that they can reduce labor by designing their own custom extrusion dies to create custom aluminum products. Custom designs help to reduce secondary operations, including cutting and sawing, punching and joining, stamping and welding, or drilling and tapping. However, to further customize your parts and products, Silver City Aluminum provides in-house one stop shop fabrication services, while still expediting your order and reducing overall costs. Whether you want to add custom services, such as punching, sawing and mitering, or are more interested in custom finishes, such as powder coating, painting and anodizing, our team can help you to achieve your goals.

Why a “One Stop Shop” Matters
There are two primary reasons why our clients look to Silver City Aluminum to reduce labor. The first is to reduce costs, as labor-intensive parts fabrication can ultimately add to the finished price of the piece. The second is to reduce the lead time, helping to get the parts engineered, manufactured, quality-checked, and shipped, without delay. Because we do all of our designing, extruding, fabrication, secondary operations, finishing and shipping in-house at our one stop shop fabrication facility, we are able to provide our clients with valuable solutions for custom aluminum products.

By offering all of these additional services in-house at one single facility, we eliminate the need to send out parts and products for secondary operations, decreasing the lead time considerably. We also increase the quality control, as each order is kept under the watchful eye of our engineering team from start to finish. We even do our own shipping in-house to ensure that your products get to you in perfect condition anywhere around the world in the shortest amount of time. Over the years we have discovered that the more involved we are with each order every step of the way, the better the results are for our clients.

Secondary Operations & Specialty Services
While our custom extrusion dies can be designed to include many element, there are some secondary operations required by our clients for our custom aluminum products. Once again, the benefits of doing all of this work under one roof at our one stop shop fabrication facility help to reduce labor, cut costs and improve lead times. For the client, this can be a huge advantage, especially when there is an important deadline looming.

Some of the services available at our one stop shop fabrication facility include:

  • Heli-Coiling – Our technicians can apply the heli-coiling technique to your order, creating heli-coil inserts that are made of precision-made helically wound coils. Once inserted into a heli-coil tapped hole, the specialized insert works to create a permanent conventional screw thread that is stronger and much more reliable. It eliminates the ability of the materials at the thread site from being able to corrode, rust, seize or otherwise wear out over time.
  • Telescoping – Another technique used at our facility is creating profiles that fit into each other perfectly for telescoping purposes. Our engineers are able to create these for just about any industry, however they are used primarily for display companies. Each profile that we create with custom extrusion dies maintains a tight tolerance so that the smaller telescoping shape will perfectly fit inside to create snug custom aluminum products.
  • Assembly – If you require assistance in the assembly of your project to expedite the process, Silver City Aluminum’s one stop shop fabrication facility can help you there as well. Our team is fully capable of assembling a product that we are making most of the parts for at our shop. Make sure to speak with a technician to find out more about the assembly services available for your unique project.
  • Deburring – Because we deburr each and every machined part as part of the standard processing here at Silver City Aluminum, we don’t really even consider this to be “secondary operations,” but more part of the primary process of quality control. However, we do have other deburring techniques that can be used to create a high quality finished result. Vibratory deburring, which is great for high volume jobs, and tumble deburring, are two popular options.

Top Quality Custom Aluminum Products
If you are interested in learning more about our process for standard and custom extrusion dies, contact Silver City Aluminum at 508-542-7200. Our team of highly trained and experienced engineers and technicians can help you create the products and parts you need for your business at our one stop shop fabrication facility. Whether you require secondary operations or custom finishing, Silver City Aluminum can provide you with the services you need to achieve your goals.