Reduce Manufacturing Costs: Use Aluminum Extrusion Solutions

When it comes to manufacturing parts, whether for direct-to-consumer goods or business-to-business supplies, it pays to find cost-effective solutions that will provide your customers with quality products. Compared to other metals, aluminum is considered across many different industries as the best all-around metal for extrusion, due to its inherent qualities and advantages. Whether you use a standard extrusion die or create custom profiles to reduce post extrusion operations, the basic properties of aluminum are what make it so beneficial to so many.

The Advantages of Aluminum
When it comes to creating aluminum extrusion solutions, it pays to have an understanding of the strengths associated with using this popular metal. Even for clients who are creating standard parts and traditional aluminum frames, the properties of aluminum help to make it very attractive to consumers, businesses and manufacturers across the board. While there are many different metals that can be suitable for extrusion, either with a custom or standard extrusion die, there are more beneficial advantages associated with aluminum extrusion solutions.

Some of the major advantages associated with choosing aluminum include:

  • low weight-to-strength ratio, allowing lighter weight parts with strength equal to steel and other metals
  • natural anti-corrosive layer that forms to protect the aluminum
  • extremely malleable metal, allowing for easy extrusion and design
  • great conductor of heat and electricity
  • most recycled metal on the planet, making it affordable and plentiful

The Advantages of Extrusion
When it comes to creating parts and products for manufacturing, it pays to choose extrusion over other methods of development. Aluminum extrusion solutions offer many different industries the results they desire, whether they are creating traditional aluminum frames or using custom and standard extrusion dies to reduce post extrusion operations. Extrusion provides many advantages over machining, welding or casting parts, which can help to reduce labor, cut costs and provide a better all-around finished product.

Some of the advantages associated with extrusion include:

  • most economical way to create standard or custom parts with a constant cross-section
  • cheaper to extrude pieces than to machine or weld
  • reduces the amount of time needed to make parts than machining or welding
  • cost of profiles for extrusion are cheaper than roll forming dies and casting molds
  • some methods cannot create variations of wall thicknesses that can be created with extrusion profiles
  • longer production life of extrusion dies versus other methods

Other Benefits of Aluminum Extrusion Solutions
When you work with a professional team of engineers and technicians, such as our team here at Silver City Aluminum, you gain the insight, experience and knowledge that we have collected over the years working to your advantage to create top quality parts and products. Whether you require custom solutions or need to add post extrusion operations to your order, our team can help you achieve your goals.

  • even short orders can be more economical than other processing methods
  • components can be designed in to the profile so the part or product can evolve and improve over time to meet the client’s needs
  • it pays to work with a professional engineer, as costs can be reduced even further when creating extrusions produced to industry standard tolerances, shapes and sizes
  • regular reviews of designs may help reduce costs over time by eliminating or reducing tolerances, as techniques and needs change
  • premium finishes can be added to further enhance the product, including anodizing, powder coating and painting to add texture, color and protection

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