Choose Sustainable Aluminum Extrusions for Consumer Products

In recent years, the aluminum extrusion industry has grown by leaps and bounds. Once considered a precious metal that cost consumers a hefty price due to the difficulty of obtaining it, aluminum is now one of the most cost-effective metals on the planet. It is lightweight, yet strong and durable. It is highly recyclable and can be used across many different industries. Use of recycled aluminum helps to reduce energy consumption requirements for manufacturing and industry across the board. Sustainable aluminum extrusions are now very popular for consumer-based products and aluminum fabrication shops, like Silver City Aluminum, are able to provide clients with an unlimited array of options for custom aluminum solutions.

So Many Advantages to Using Aluminum
When it comes time to choose a metal to use for making parts or pieces for your consumer products, consider the advantages associated with using aluminum. Not only is it excellent for extrusion, as it is very malleable and can be shaped quite easily, but it is also reflective, naturally corrosion resistant and is a good conductor of heat and electricity. There are many applications where the use of custom aluminum extrusions would be very advantageous. From transportation and aeronautics to the medical industry, aluminum fabrication shops provide services to many different types of business, making components and parts for millions of different products.

In recent years, the aluminum industry in North America has made great strides toward limiting the amount of new or primary aluminum that is produced. Instead, the focus has been more on increasing the use of recycled aluminum. Many technological advances and efforts made to improve environmental standards have made aluminum materials even more sustainable than ever before. Even for new aluminum, the energy required to make it has been reduced by almost 40 percent compared to 1995 requirements.

In addition to being a sustainable material, aluminum also assists in reducing energy consumption for consumer vehicles and for commercial transportation vehicles used to move consumer goods. The light weight of aluminum helps to boost fuel efficiency, while still maintaining strength to meet stringent safety standards. Aluminum has a 95 percent light reflectivity rate, which makes it idea for use in eco-friendly structures to aid in cooling, while also increasing energy production in solar cells. There are many different industries that benefit from sustainable aluminum extrusions, making today’s aluminum extrusion industry extremely valuable in a world where efficiency is key.

Recycled Aluminum
Another major benefit to choosing to work with custom aluminum extrusions is that businesses across the country are all working together to increase the value of aluminum by recycling it. In fact, aluminum is the number one most recycled metal on the planet. It is 100 percent recyclable and aluminum fabrication shops like Silver City Aluminum, work hard to minimize scrap during the extrusion and secondary operations processes. We also recycle any scrap that is produced. The aluminum billets that we use to create sustainable aluminum extrusions for our clients comes from several different suppliers and is made from 99.9 percent recyclable aluminum.

Consumers also are responsible for the uptick in aluminum recycling, through incentive programs at the local community and state level for aluminum cans and other aluminum consumer based products. Several campaigns have been waged nationwide to bring awareness to consumer recycling programs and most municipalities and major trash companies now include recycling of aluminum and other metals in with their regular services. Unlike other metals, aluminum can be recycled again and again without losing any of its inherent qualities. This is why aluminum fabrication shops are able to use recycled aluminum and still produce high quality parts, pieces and products for their clients.

Custom Aluminum Extrusions in Taunton, MA
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