Consumer Goods Made from Custom Aluminum Industry Solutions

Consumer Goods Aluminum ExtrusionsIt is awe-inspiring to consider all of the applications in today’s consumer goods that contain the use of aluminum and aluminum alloys. Modern techniques and custom extrusion design are responsible for many of the products that we use each and every day. Sustainable aluminum extrusions appeal to the increased awareness of our environment and the resources that we depend upon for everyday living. It seems as though there’s nothing that the aluminum extrusion industry is unable to produce in order to provide us with the aluminum industry solutions that we require.

Aluminum in Our Daily Lives
From smartphones to flat screen TVs, computer monitors and tablets, aluminum is everywhere. Parts and products are created across multiple industries, including automotive, aerospace, transportation, marine, construction and recreation. Aluminum is now being used to create strong, yet lightweight parts and pieces that are helping to reduce fuel consumption and increase efficiency in everything from consumer vehicles to commercial cargo planes. The benefits that come from choosing aluminum for custom extrusion design and other methods of fabrication have helped to catapult this metal into popularity.

Top reasons why aluminum is replacing steel in electronics and technology include:

  • aluminum is just as strong as steel, yet lighter in weight
  • it has the power to absorb and dissipate heat
  • used by top manufacturers, including Samsung, LG and Sony
  • can be molded and shaped through custom extrusion design to create parts that are small and large to accommodate large-scale products and smaller pieces as well
  • natural, anti-corrosion properties help products to outlast other materials

Aluminum in Our Homes
Other uses of sustainable aluminum extrusions can be found in furniture, both for inside the home and outside in the backyard or on the front porch. Aluminum industry solutions that use both standard and custom extrusion design, have been used to create tables, chairs, picture frames, lighting systems, and even decorative items. The aluminum extrusion industry has been called upon to deliver parts, pieces and products for interior and exterior design that have been used for many years.

Aluminum gives designers a lot of freedom in the shapes and sizes of parts that they can use for their products. It is also easy to use, cost-effective and visually pleasing. Many of today’s modern designs that feature a high-tech appeal were possible due to the increase in use of aluminum industry solutions. The combination of sustainable industry extrusion and glass helps homes to feel more modern and spacious, plus the ability of aluminum to be 100 percent recyclable is very appealing to designers and consumers alike.

Aluminum in Our Kitchens
One room of the home has more aluminum than all the rest. The kitchen has appliances that are made with aluminum bodies, as well as pots and pans, utensils and baking vessels that are all made from aluminum. There are many benefits to using custom extrusion design based items in the kitchen. Aluminum is very easy to wash and is an excellent conductor of heat, making it idea for baking, frying and cooking.

The aluminum extrusion industry has developed alloys and manufacturing that helps products to be less likely to become scratched or dented. Aluminum industry solutions are also corrosion resistant, helping them to last for many years without rusting or becoming tarnished, like other materials. In fact, coating solutions can be applied by the aluminum extrusion industry to allow chefs to use aluminum utensils even in non-stick surface pots and pans. Many chefs prefer to use aluminum utensils because of all these benefits.

How Will You Use Custom Extrusion Design?
What type of industry do you work in? How will you use custom extrusion design to your advantage? Will you choose to work with experienced engineers and designers to create unique aluminum industry solutions? Or will you find ways to use stock or standard sustainable aluminum extrusions for your project? However you want to use aluminum extrusion, you can count on the aluminum extrusion industry to help you to achieve your goals.

Silver City Aluminum has earned a solid reputation for providing top quality custom extrusion design. We also provide a wide range of standard or stock extrusions to our customers as well. We do everything in-house, from the initial engineering and logistics of your order, all the way through the extrusion, secondary operations, finishing and shipping of your finished products. Our one stop shop extrusion and fabrication center can help you to get the parts, pieces and products you require with less wait time and more professional results. Give us a call at 508-824-8631 to learn more about the services we provide or to place an order.