Standard Aluminum Extrusions: Quality Created for Industry

Quality Standard ExtrusionsWhile we are known for our custom aluminum extrusion here at Silver City Aluminum, we also have a solid reputation for delivering standard aluminum extrusions to clients across many different types of industry. Rod and bar aluminum are just the beginning. There are many different shapes and options available under the umbrella of standard aluminum extrusions. Even our standard shapes can be customized to take advantage of the properties of aluminum. Our in-house aluminum fabrication shops can increase the abilities of standard shapes through a variety of secondary operations and finishing.

What Shapes are Standard?
Standards are different everywhere you go. Each aluminum extrusion shop will have different shapes that they consider to be standard or “stock” profiles that they use for their clients. The basic shapes include flat bars, bar corners, square bars, channels, angles, square tubes, rectangular tubes, round tubes, pipe, round rods, tees, I-beams, zee bars and structural channels. Standard dies are basic in their shape, unlike custom options, which can be very complex in their cross-sectional dimensions and attributes. They are usually the most common shapes that get requested on a regular basis for everyday uses.

Custom and standard aluminum extrusions are used to create framework for doors and windows, lighting fixtures, railings and framing for the marine industry, parts and products for the automotive and trucking industries, consumer products, marketing and exhibition equipment, plus a whole lot more. We pride ourselves on providing top-notch quality control at every step of the way for every single client and every single order. Whether you need rod and bar aluminum or a specialized telescoping part, Silver City Aluminum will meet or exceed your expectations.

The Process of Aluminum Extrusion
We work with a variety of different clients who all need specific products, parts and pieces for the unique industries that they represent. They all have different requirements and interests when it comes to the custom and standard aluminum extrusions that we provide. This is why it is so important that our aluminum fabrication shops are all at one location. We do not outsource or send off our orders at any point of the process. The design and engineering is done in-house, as well as the extrusion, fabrication, secondary operations and finishing. This gives us complete control over the product to help us provide the best results.

  • Quality Materials – It all starts with quality aluminum. We purchase our aluminum alloy billets from several different supplies. Made from 99.9 percent recyclable aluminum, this material is very friendly to the environment.
  • Pre-Cutting – We pre-cut the billets when we receive them to help reduce waste. They arrive in long lengths, but we cut these 7-inch diameter pieces into more appropriate sizes. Our cuts are based upon the length and weight of the client’s profile to maximize cost-effectiveness and efficiency.
  • Pre-Heating – The next step is to heat the billets in a long oven before they even get to the extrusion process. As is standard with quality aluminum fabrication shops, we have our own proprietary temperature that we use for the best results in extrusion.
  • Extrusion – To create the desired shape of the client, the heated aluminum is pushed using 10 million pounds of pressure through the steel profile or die. As it flows through the custom or standard steel profile, it comes out in the exact shape that the client has ordered.
  • Cooling – Once the shape has been created, we cool down the extruded aluminum on a very large table. The maximum extrusion length is 30-feet, but the extrusions can be stretched into the perfect dimension on our 160-foot long table using opposing stretchers while it is still warm. It is then cut to the ordered length before heat-treating it to harden the metal to take advantage of the maximum capacity of the properties of aluminum.

Quality Extrusions at Silver City Aluminum
All of the components that we use in our extrusion system are top of the line. Everything we use is fully integrated and fully automated. We are able to communicate with our machines via the Internet from virtually any location in the world using PLC control technology. We use this technology to maintain control over how the machines are functioning, determine the rate of speed, extrusion recipe and all of the other variables to provide dependable and consistent quality control. Silver City Aluminum prides itself on being able to provide top quality results for our clients every step of the way for our custom and standard aluminum extrusions.

Give us a call at 508-824-8631 or use our online contact form to begin discussing your needs with our engineers and technicians. Whether you need standard rod and bar aluminum or custom designs created at our aluminum fabrication shops, Silver City Aluminum can help you to achieve your goals.