Industry Spotlight: Custom Aluminum Frames for Expo Industry

Trade Show Expo Industry Frames and StandsThe goal of any company at an industry expo is to stand out from the crowd. Trade show booths have changed much over the years, however they are still built using traditional aluminum frames. There are many benefits of aluminum products, which is why with everything else that is “moving forward,” the core materials used to make these key tools, including frames, display frames, booths, and telescoping profiles, include the use of aluminum. Custom aluminum coating solutions and other advancements made to custom extrusion, have led to the development of some pretty amazing aluminum industry solutions for the trade show industry.

Why Choose Aluminum?
Compared to other structural metals, aluminum is a fraction of the weight, yet maintains a high strength-to-weight ratio. What that means is that the traditional aluminum frames used to make all of the display frames, booths and other tools used for the expo industry are lighter in weight, cheaper to ship, easier to move, and easier to put together without requiring a huge crew for set-up. Other metals, such as steel, weigh much more and would require a lot more assistance to load, unload and set-up.

Aluminum has a natural anti-corrosive layer that forms to provide protection to the metal. Even when damaged, the layer returns through oxidation. This helps display frames, booths and other essential aluminum industry solutions, to last longer and perform better than other metals. Custom aluminum coating solutions, such as paint, powder-coating and anodizing, can be used to further protect and enhance the finished product. Colors and textures can be added, providing a whole new way to help your booth and other equipment stand out on the showroom floor.

Unique Abilities of Aluminum
Another benefit to using aluminum is that it is possible to do more and go bigger with custom aluminum extrusions than it is with other materials. As technology advances on other fronts, it is important for companies to continue advancing the look and feel of their trade show booths. Using the benefits of aluminum products to your advantage, such as the light weight, high strength and ability to be shaped into just about any design, can be a huge asset. Our team can help you design and develop custom profiles that can be used to create unique results that will assist in promoting and selling your business to trade show attendees.

Curved frames, integrated features and advances made in custom aluminum coating solutions can help your booth really stand out from the sea of other exhibitors. The use of telescoping profiles and unique built-in features can make set-up and break-down a breeze. Uniquely designed display frames can even be integrated into the framework of the booth structure to provide a means to include print media or technology, such as flat screen or touch screen displays. Silver City Aluminum has the ability to work with each client to create aluminum industry solutions that will help them take their business to the next level.

Essential Aluminum Industry Solutions
Whatever you need to help move your business forward, aluminum industry solutions can help. Whether you need something innovative with regard to display frames or require easy-to-use traditional aluminum frames for the structural part of your booth, Silver City Aluminum can help. We have the ability to help you design and build everything you require for exhibits, displays, fixtures, office environments or anything else you might need. When you work with our highly trained, experienced and knowledgeable team of designers, engineers and technicians, you gain access to the very best opportunities available in the business.

We can help you take advantage of the benefits of aluminum products and create innovative solutions that will make your trade show booth and displays stand out and set the pace. Give us a call at 508-542-7200 and speak with one of our team members to get started on the development of your next big project. Learn more about all the ways that custom aluminum extrusion can be used to create solutions that will change the way that your company presents itself at industry expositions and conferences. Call today or use our online contact form to start designing your own custom aluminum industry solutions at Silver City Aluminum.