Why Custom is Better Than Standard: Custom Extruded Aluminum

custom-versus-standardSimple shapes, such as bars, angles, cylinders and squares, are known in the extruded aluminum industry as standard. One of the benefits of aluminum products is that you can create your own profiles or dies to create custom styled shapes, including hollow aluminum tubes, telescoping parts and solid pieces. Custom aluminum extrusions can help to reduce the cost to create the parts you need and reduce the lead time, by eliminating some of the secondary operations and finishing that might be required otherwise. Top quality custom extrusions are used by a variety of industries, helping to improve their finished products and allow them to provide their end users with reliable and dependable products.

Creating Your Own Profiles
While it might seem like a huge undertaking, it is actually quite easy to develop and create your own custom profiles and dies, especially if you work with a reputable company like Silver City Aluminum. Our team of highly trained, experienced and knowledgeable professionals all work together to help you design the best possible solutions for your business. We have certified engineers, designers and technicians who see your custom aluminum extrusions through every step of the way, from concept all the way to extrusion, finishing, shipping and beyond. We stand by our work and are proud of the services that we provide to our clients. Over the years, we have found that the more we are involved in the project, the better the results.

Unlike other aluminum extrusion manufacturers, everything we do is in-house at our facility in Taunton, Massachusetts. We serve clients from all across the country and all around the globe. This enables us to provide better quality control for each and every order that we fulfill. Our standard pieces of extruded aluminum are created to meet our high standards, but for best results on an individual basis, we do recommend our custom aluminum extrusions. Having the ability to design exactly the right part for the intended job provides businesses with a leg up on their competitors. From the automotive industry to the marine industry, residential construction to aerospace and everything in between, there are many benefits of using aluminum products.

Environmentally Responsible Manufacturing
One reason why so many businesses are turning to aluminum, outside of the natural abilities and advantages of this incredible metal, is that it is a very environmentally responsible choice. Not only is aluminum the most readily available metal on the planet, but it is also the number one most recycled and reused metal as well. Whether you need standard hollow aluminum tubes or custom extruded aluminum, the benefits of aluminum products prevail.

The raw aluminum billets that we use to create our standard and custom aluminum extrusions is made from 99 percent recycled materials. When it arrives at our shop we cut it to the desired length based upon the individual order to help minimize waste. However, any scrap that comes from the extrusion process, secondary operations or other customizations, is quickly recycled and reused again, providing a zero waste solution.

Finely Tuned Custom Designs
Another way that we minimize waste is to create finely tuned custom aluminum extrusions that are designed to resist corrosion beyond the natural resistance that already comes from making aluminum as your metal of choice. Reducing corrosion by design is one of the areas that we are highly experienced with, making these solutions excellent for construction, architecture, outdoor furniture, marine industry parts, and other pieces that are used outdoors or that come in contact with common corrosives or chemicals.

Our high quality equipment is just a part of the overall equation that allows our team to produce such finely tuned custom aluminum extrusions. The many years of experience that each member of our team has, from the engineering and design department to the technicians out on the floor; the shipping department and delivery, it all makes a difference in the finished products that we create and deliver to you.

Call Silver City Aluminum
If you would like to learn more about creating your own profiles for custom aluminum extrusions or if you want to find out about the benefits of aluminum products, give us a call at 508-824-8631. Our team can walk you through the process for ordering everything from standard hollow aluminum tubes and angles to designing a custom shape. Call today and see for yourself why so many industries and businesses trust Silver City Aluminum for top quality results.