Using Custom Aluminum Extrusion for LED Lighting and Industry

LED street lamps postOne industry that has grown to appreciate the advantages of using aluminum material is the LED lighting industry. Custom aluminum extrusion is used to create solutions for residential, commercial and industrial lighting, as well as specialized lighting production for marine, transportation and horticultural industries. The development of LED or light-emitting diode lighting, has grown exponentially in recent years as consumer and industry demands rise. One of the main reasons why LED lighting is so efficient and effective is its reliance on the properties of aluminum in its design.

Custom aluminum extrusion is used to create parts and pieces for LED lighting, including the heat sinks, reflectors and decorative elements, providing corrosion-free materials and long-lasting durability even in extreme environments. Anodizing aluminum, as well as other surface finishing options, increases the natural corrosion resistance of this amazing metal. LED lighting is popular with consumers, commercial and industrial businesses, as well as industries that work in challenging settings, such as salt-water and UV exposure in marine applications.

Choosing a Quality Manufacturer

If you own a business that deals in parts and pieces for LED lighting products and services, it is important to choose a manufacturer that you can count on for top quality results. Silver City Aluminum does all of its standard and custom aluminum extrusion, secondary operations, finishing and assembly in-house at our one stop shop fabrication facility. There are many advantages to doing all of this at one location, including quality control and reduced lead times. Our team of highly trained, experienced and knowledgeable engineers, designers and engineers can help you create your own custom extrusion profiles to meet your specific needs and requirements.

Our team will work with you to help you achieve these goals by:

  • designing a truly custom solution that takes advantage of the properties of aluminum
  • provides even greater corrosion resistance through design and finishing techniques
  • helps you choose between finishing, such as painting, coating or anodizing aluminum
  • finalize your design to ensure that it maximizes cost-effectiveness and function
  • discussing the various methods and variations that can be used to increase value
  • choose the best options based on the unique needs of the pieces you are designing
  • reduce cost with custom aluminum extrusion design, finishing and assembly

Overcoming Obstacles Through Design
Another clear advantage to using custom aluminum extrusion design for your LED lighting industry parts and products is being able to overcome common obstacles seen by other manufacturers. Commercial and industrial businesses that are making the change to LED lighting from other lighting methods will sometimes run into issues that can be fixed with a few minor adjustments to the design by lighting fixture manufacturers. Knowing what these issues are ahead of time and discussing them with your engineer or designer at Silver City Aluminum can help you to create a superior product.

The most common issues faced by LED lighting designers and the consumers or businesses that utilize them includes overcoming heat transfer issues through the use of integrated cooling fins, creating fixtures that boost efficiency and reliability at the same time, and simplifying products to provide users with function and effectiveness while reducing cost. Our many years of experience working with the properties of aluminum to increase corrosion resistance through extrusion and various finishing methods, gives us a clear advantage over other manufacturers. Whether you want to add finishing options, such as coating or anodizing aluminum for function or aesthetics, our team can help you there as well.

Contact Silver City Aluminum
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