Extruded Aluminum: The Top Choice for the Automotive Industry

Aluminum and the Automotive IndustryAluminum extrusion and fabrication is used across many different industries. In fact, we come in contact with custom aluminum products each day in one way or another. One industry in particular that has been at the forefront of embracing the advantages of using aluminum in recent years is the automotive industry. Aluminum is used across many different types of transportation, including airplanes and aerospace, trucks, cars, trailers and cargo containers, helping America get things and people from one place to another effectively and efficiently. Aluminum plays a big part in helping to create more energy-efficient vehicles in response to consumer demand and government regulations.

Replacing Steel With Aluminum
One of the ways that aluminum has been extremely beneficial is in reducing the weight of consumer vehicles, as well as transportation vehicles like semi-trucks, buses and train cars. Reducing the weight of the vehicles helps to reduce the amount of fuel required to operate the vehicle, helping to lower energy consumption and cost for consumers and business owners alike. In a world where energy efficiency has become extremely important in reducing our dependence on fossil fuels, improving gas mileage is a big gain. However, it is important to note that aluminum also has a very high strength to weight ratio, which means that even though the custom aluminum products created by extrusion and fabrication weigh less than their steel counterparts, they are still just as strong.

The process to create these parts relies on extrusion, which works to transform aluminum billets into standard or custom aluminum products and shapes for a variety of uses. Aluminum is a highly popular metal that is used across many different applications and industries. The extrusion process helps to further increase the advantages of using aluminum. Custom designs help to reduce secondary operations, such as sawing and deburring, outside of the required cuts and polishing required to create the sizes of parts and products according to client specifications. The physical characteristics of aluminum make it an extremely popular choice and at just one-third the density of steel, it is a strong, yet lighter weight and dependable alternative.

Why the Automotive Industry Loves Aluminum
The recycling rate for aluminum is the highest of any other metal in the world, coming in at about 90-91 percent right here in American and on a global scale. As a result, it is a very environmentally friendly material and is very affordable due to its availability. The automotive industry is continuing to look for more ways to reduce fuel consumption, while creating safe and durable vehicles that provide a solid return on investment for consumers.

The relationship between aluminum, in particular extrusion and fabrication for custom aluminum products and parts, will only increase in the future as more and more manufacturers get on board with the advantages of using aluminum. The US Department of Energy continues to advocate for increasing these standards, making car companies more likely to comply with the new regulations in order to maintain their status within the industry. Sustainability, savings and standards through the use of aluminum parts is a huge incentive for the future of automobile manufacturing.

Landmark Growth for Aluminum Extrusion in the US
According to data released by the Aluminum Extruders Council (AEC) and the Aluminum Association, current estimates for custom aluminum products and the extrusion and fabrication market as a whole, are very exciting. For the past six years, the domestic aluminum extrusion market has experienced growth, totaling over 4.89 billion pounds of aluminum extrusion consumption in 2014 and well over 5 billion pounds in 2015.

The figures for 2016 look even more promising. Growth for use of aluminum extrusion and fabrication, due to the increasing advantages of using aluminum, has exceeded expectations. This is true particularly in the transportation industry and, most recently, the automotive market as well. In addition to these areas, growth of use for custom aluminum products has also grown in the industries of building, construction, marine and consumer-based markets.

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