The Benefits of Creating Totally Custom Aluminum Extrusions

Aluminium profile sample isolated on black background.Business owners who choose aluminum are already well-aware of the advantages associated with using this metal. While it is the most abundant mineral within the earth’s crust, it does not appear naturally in its pure form in most situations. Derived from bauxite, which is mined in several places all around the world, it was not a cost-effective choice until the late 1800s when a process was finally developed to commercially produce the metal.

Once the aluminum is extracted from the bauxite, it is provided to one stop shop fabrication facilities for standard and custom extrusion, as well as post extrusion operations. It arrives in the form of billets that are of a uniform size, shape and weight. Approximately one-third the weight of iron or steel, copper or brass, extrusions made from aluminum are easier to handle and cost less to ship.

Options for Customization
Additional operations, such as telescoping or heli-coiling in New England, help make it even more versatile and advantageous to manufacturers and production companies. Moving beyond the standard extrusion die, custom profiles can be created that will reduce the need for post extrusion operations, fabrication and finishing. Aluminum – even without powder-coating, anodizing or painting – is a very attractive metal, making it a great choice for industrial, commercial and consumer applications.

Some of the other options available for customization include:

  • CNC Long Part Fabrication
  • Robo Drill Short Part Fabrication
  • Pneumatic & Hydraulic Punching
  • Precision Sawing & Mitering
  • Vibratory & Tumble De-Burring
  • Heli-Coiling (Threaded Inserts)
  • Telescoping Profiles
  • Post-Fabrication Assembly
  • Painting, Powder-Coating & Anodizing

Other Advantages to Using Aluminum
In addition to being able to customize your aluminum extrusion with custom or standard extrusion dies and post extrusion operations in a one stop shop fabrication and extrusion facility, such as Silver City Aluminum, there are other reasons why product manufacturers and businesses choose aluminum as their primary material. There are a lot of inherent qualities in the metal itself that make it advantageous, but once it goes through the extrusion process, it becomes even more beneficial.

Some of those advantages to using aluminum extrusion parts, pieces and products include:

  • HIGH STRENGTH – One of the little known facts about aluminum is that it becomes stronger as temperatures fall, making it a great choice for cold-weather applications. Your aluminum extrusion can be created to be as strong as you need and can be used in many different situations and across multiple industries. The strength can be focused where it is needed simply by varying the thickness of the walls in the profile design, allowing for internal reinforcement in the shape, and by the aluminum material that is chosen. Also, aluminum’s high strength-to-weight combination makes it a great choice for industry solutions in transportation, bridges, aerospace and more.
  • RESILIENT & RESISTANT – The strength of aluminum is only surpassed by its flexibility. Aluminum has the ability to flex under heavy loads and spring back from the shock experienced by impact. The automotive industry has been expanding its use of aluminum to reduce weight and reduce fuel consumption, as well as in crash management systems due to its resilience to impact. Aluminum has a natural corrosion resistance, which can be increased during extrusion, post extrusion operations and finishing at a one stop shop fabrication facility for excellent resistance to rust and other types of corrosion.
  • NON-SPARKING, NON-MAGNETIC, NON-COMBUSTIBLE & NON-TOXIC – Aluminum has many amazing and beneficial attributes, including being non-magnetic, which is useful in electronics and high-voltage applications. It is also non-sparking, making it a great choice for applications used in highly flammable environments or around explosive materials. Being non-combustible, it does not burn even at extremely high temperatures and being non-toxic, aluminum does not produce toxic fumes when heated.
  • SEAMLESS & ONE-PIECE – Another advantage to extruded aluminum is that it can be created to be seamless or all in one-piece. This is excellent for residential and commercial rain gutters, as well as other applications where mechanical joining could hinder the ability of the finished product. It also makes the product stronger than a joined assembly, making it less likely to leak, loosen or come apart over time.

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