Fabrication Capabilities & Possibilities for Aluminum Products

Aluminum profiles coated with colorful powder coating.When it comes to creating unique and valuable aluminum industry solutions, extrusion and fabrication is by far one of the best ways to maximize the potential of the material through the design of custom aluminum products. Silver City Aluminum works with clients all around the globe, creating standard and custom extruded aluminum and providing customer service from conception all the way through shipping. This approach helps us to reduce lead times and provide better quality control and results for each and every client we serve.

Because we are able to provide custom fabrication for just about any part of any design that our clients require, we have learned to hold ourselves to the highest quality standards. It is our goal at Silver City Aluminum to provide our clients with finished products that will always exceed their expectations. Aluminum industry solutions are vital to many different types of businesses. Our clients and their consumers, rely on them heavily for industrial, commercial and personal applications. We understand how much is riding on the quality of our extruded aluminum and we strive to always make improvements that will make a difference.

Customizing the Custom Extrusion
Many of the products, parts and pieces that we create for our clients come from custom designed profiles or dies. These profiles help to reduce the amount of secondary operations that are required to complete the order. However, some additional work, such as de-burring, cutting and punching, can be required to further meet the needs of the client. As a result, many of the custom aluminum products that we create require work beyond basic extrusion and fabrication. To ensure that we maintain our short lead-times and quality control, we have elected to do all of this work in-house at our one stop shop facility.

Instead of shipping out the extruded aluminum to a fabrication or finishing shop for additional operations, we do everything here in our Taunton, Massachusetts facility. Aluminum industry solutions can often require finishing, such as powder-coating, painting or anodizing. In some cases this is for aesthetic purposes, but finishing can also extend the life of the product, improve the function, and adds an extra layer of anti-corrosion protection in addition to the natural anti-corrosive properties of the aluminum itself. This is an extremely valuable customization of custom extruded aluminum.

Some of the other customizations that are done to extruded aluminum include:

  • cutting
  • punching
  • machining
  • mitering
  • bending
  • welding assembly
  • heli-coiling
  • telescoping

The Purpose of Customization
Now that you know how aluminum industry solutions can be customized to meet the specifications of the client, it’s time to discuss why certain actions are taken in the design of extrusion and fabrication in the first place. Many of the secondary operations and finishing services are added to increase the functional potential of the finished custom aluminum products. While they may seem like minor changes or adjustments, the truth is that they can be extremely beneficial in aiding the function of the components for the final application.

Many of the functions required for these products can be included in on the design of the extrusion profile or die. This can reduce cost for secondary operations, including fabrication and finishing, as well as further cut down the lead time on delivering the final product. Intelligent custom extrusion design can eliminate the need for multiple welds. This helps the client be able to assemble the finished custom aluminum products even quicker so they can fill their own orders, either to other businesses or direct to consumers.

Quality Extrusion Matters
When it comes time to choose a professional aluminum extrusion company to take care of the design, extrusion, fabrication, finishing and shipping of your aluminum industry solutions, it pays to select the best candidate for the job. Experience, knowledge and reputation can help you to identify the best facility for your custom aluminum products. You want a company that doesn’t just offer basic extrusion and fabrication, but one that has the ability to create custom extruded aluminum on-demand.

If you are in the market for standard or custom aluminum extrusion for your business or project, give us a call at 508-824-8631 and speak with one of our highly trained and experienced technicians. We can provide you with a FREE estimate for any of our services. Give us a call today and work with a team of technicians who are eager to exceed your industry expectations.