Custom Extrusion Dies: Designing & Engineering Aluminum Parts

Custom Aluminum DiesThere are many benefits associated with having access to a manufacturer that can help you with custom aluminum industry solutions. Aluminum fabrication shops that work to design, engineer and manufacture custom aluminum extrusions can help your business to save a lot of time and money in the long run, while providing you with better results. Components that have the exact performance that are made in the perfect size and shape are hard to come by. Many companies settle for compromises instead of creating their own custom aluminum products because they think that it will take too much time or money to invest in the creation of custom extrusion dies.

Silver City Aluminum has many years of experience providing our clients with all of the engineering, manufacturing, fabrication and finishing services they require all at our one-stop shop in Taunton, Massachusetts. You no longer have to settle for “close” or “almost” when it comes to the aluminum products and parts that you use. Our team can help you through every phase of the process, creating custom extrusion dies and top quality results to provide you with the custom aluminum products and solutions that you require.

The Benefits of Customization
Anyone who has worked in manufacturing or product development, understands the need for customized offerings that are designed to fill a specific need. A professional research and development team that has years of experience working with aluminum industry solutions and troubleshooting for fabrication and finishing can really help to bring the customization to fruition. Knowledgeable vendors, such as Silver City Aluminum, can help businesses create a final product that will meet or even exceed their expectations.

Some of the benefits of using custom extrusion dies can include:

  • reducing the amount of additional fabrication and finishing required
  • lowering the labor cost associated with the manufacture of each part or product
  • reducing the need for soldering, welding and other methods
  • increasing the strength of the finished custom aluminum products through extrusion
  • reducing waste by creating specific products for a specific purpose
  • decreasing lead-time by creating aluminum industry solutions at one location
  • providing protection from corrosion through intelligent design
  • assisting with assembly at our one-stop-shop or providing options like telescoping that are included in the design of the custom extrusion dies
  • elimination of the need for modifications to standard parts

Communication is Key
Throughout our years of experience providing engineering assistance for custom extrusion dies and the manufacturing of aluminum industry solutions for our clients, we have discovered that communication is the most important element in the design process. We have also discovered that the best results come when we are able to work with our clients from the very beginning of the design for custom aluminum products all the way through the final extrusion, fabrication, finishing and shipping. Yes – we even provide professional shipping for our clients that is supervised, monitored and inspected by our in-house team.

You will get the best results from aluminum fabrication shops and other vendors if you learn to talk with the engineers direct. Not all companies allow this type of communication and prevent clients from moving beyond the customer service department on the phone. Silver City Aluminum recognizes the importance of working one-on-one with each client throughout the development process for custom extrusion dies. Our many years of experience working with aluminum, the extrusion process and the options available for secondary operations and finishing, can be used to your advantage.

Testing & Improving
Once you have created your custom extrusion dies, the professional assistance doesn’t stop there. As you continue your in-house research and development, our team can help you fine-tune your custom aluminum products to make improvements along the way that will help you to save time and money, while providing even better results in the future. It pays to work with a vendor that can assist you in the testing and engineering aspects of designing your own aluminum industry solutions. There are things that we can do to make improvements for strength, durability and protection for even better, longer-lasting results.

Call Silver City Aluminum at 508-824-8631 and start designing your own custom extrusion dies today. Our team can help you discover aluminum industry solutions that will help you to improve your finished product and can also provide you with custom aluminum products that will reduce costs, decrease lead times and help you to be even more competitive. Give us a call today to learn more about the services we provide in our aluminum fabrication shops or use our online contact form to start engineering your own custom solutions today!