Standard Extrusions & Post Extrusion Operations for Industry

Aluminium tubes and pipesWe talk a lot about custom aluminum extrusion and the design of custom extrusion dies at Silver City Aluminum, because we are proud of the work that we have done for our clients over the years. However, there is much to be said about creating high quality standard pieces through the use of a stock or standard extrusion die as well. Our team provides our clients with a wide range of standard shapes and products, such as hollow aluminum tubes, bars and rods. However we can also provide custom services for standard products through the use of post extrusion operations.

Whether you require custom coating solutions for industry applications or need to add functions, such as telescoping and heli-coiling in New England to enhance the finished product, Silver City Aluminum can help. We do all of our work at one single location to improve quality control, consistency and delivery times, to meet the needs of our clients right here in Southern New England and all around the globe.

Hollow Aluminum Tubes & Pipes
Some of our most popular orders that are created with a standard extrusion die include seamless, hollow aluminum tubes and pipes. Unlike other methods used for making tubes and pipes out of aluminum, extrusion provides a clean seam-free finished product that is stronger and more durable. Post extrusion operations may be applied to increase the function of the end result, depending on the needs and requirements of the client. We have a maximum extrusion length of 30 feet, however our extrusions can be stretched much longer to reach the desired size and length, on our 160 foot cooling and stretching table. Opposing stretchers pull the extruded aluminum to the desired dimensions, and then cut the metal into lengths, based upon the client’s specifications.

We create a variety of hollow aluminum tubes and pipes, including:

  • standard pipes and tubing
  • seamless mechanical tubing
  • structural pipes and tubing
  • square and rectangular tubes
  • thin or thick-walled construction tubes
  • conductor pipes and tubing
  • irrigation and mining pipes

We also have the capacity to create custom hollow shapes for structural uses that are seamless, durable and strong. Additional services, such as a variety of post extrusion operations and finishing, can be applied to further customize the finished product. We also do our own in-house telescoping and heli-coiling in New England, providing our clients with top quality results that are designed to exceed their expectations. These extra services can help increase the function and aesthetic properties of all the products we create using custom and standard extrusion dies and profiles.

How Tubes & Pipes Are Used
Many different industries order our top quality hollow aluminum tubes and pipes. They are used for many different reasons, providing many unique benefits to commercial, industrial and residential users. For example, industrial and consumer markets both rely on standard and custom hollow aluminum tubes for connectors used with electrical supplies and electronic product development, as well as other essential purposes, including irrigation pipes, compressed gas storage and telecommunications connections, such as telephone, cable, fiber optic and other essential service delivery options. They can also be used with electrical conduits, scaffolding and light poles for residential and commercial applications. Flag poles, portable stairways, alternative fuel storage systems, ladders, handrails and even framing structures, can all benefit from extruded aluminum, either with post extrusion operations or not.

Other industries also rely on custom and standard extrusion die created parts, including:

  • automotive industry
  • trucking industry
  • marine industry
  • aerospace industry
  • construction and architectural industries
  • solar energy industry
  • alternative fuel industry
  • military and defense industries
  • telecommunications industry

Some of the ways that these hollow aluminum tubes and pipes are used include telescoping masts, antennas and radar structures. The high strength to weight ratio also makes aluminum parts created with a standard extrusion die perfect for architectural railings and construction industry framing structures. They can also be used to facilitate storage and transportation components for a variety of different industries. Post extrusion operations can be applied, such as heli-coiling in New England, that make standard or custom aluminum extrusion the perfect choice for motorcycle frames, heat exchangers, safety railings, platforms, air reservoir cylinders, and even firearm components.

Trust Silver City Aluminum
If you are interested in exploring all the ways that aluminum extrusion can benefit you and your business, contact Silver City Aluminum. Located in Taunton, Massachusetts, we provide top quality results to customers here in Southern New England and all over the world. Whether you want to create hollow aluminum tubes using a standard extrusion die or if you want something custom that includes post extrusion operations, finishing applications or even heli-coiling in New England, you can trust the experience and know-how of Silver City Aluminum. Call today at 508-824-8631 and get a FREE estimate on any of our professional services.