Custom Profile Designs: Extruding Unique Aluminum Products

Unique aluminum profiles and productsThere are lots of ways to transform raw aluminum into a wide variety of shapes, sizes and products. Consumers and various industries rely on custom aluminum products each and every day, and they are in great demand. However, the best way to create products with raw aluminum is through the use of custom extrusion dies. The process of extrusion makes the aluminum and aluminum alloys even stronger and more durable than in its initial state. It is also possible to prevent corrosion through design, increasing aluminum’s natural ability to resist rust and corrosion, increasing the longevity of custom aluminum products. Working with a one stop shop fabrication, extrusion and design service can provide you with unique opportunities to create truly custom results.

How Aluminum is Used
You might be surprised to discover all of the industries that rely on custom aluminum products that are created through the use of standard and custom extrusion dies. When you think about all the ways that you can improve upon the material and the function of each part or product, including being able to prevent corrosion through design, it is no wonder that aluminum is now being used in just about every major consumer and industrial market. The advantages of choosing aluminum as your material of choice, as well as selecting the best one stop shop fabrication facility, can help you to create finished products that will meet or exceed the expectations and needs of your target demographic.

Some of the industries that rely on custom aluminum extrusion for parts, products and pieces, include:

  • transportation – automotive and trucking
  • marine – boats, decking and safety
  • aerospace – satellites and space shuttles
  • mass transit – bridge decking, construction and safety
  • consumer – electronics, telecommunications and home products
  • energy – solar, renewable energy and electrical

Benefits of Choosing Aluminum
Compared to other materials, aluminum and aluminum alloy is very cost-effective. It is the number one most recycled metal on the planet and, as a result, is readily available. When recycled, aluminum is 100 percent recyclable, which means that nothing gets lost of changed during the process required to melt down aluminum and pour it into aluminum billets, which is how extrusion companies receive their materials from suppliers. Our one stop shop fabrication facility cuts the billets to size to reduce waste during the extrusion process with both our standard and custom extrusion dies. The custom aluminum products that we create for our clients, maximize all of the inherent qualities of aluminum, including malleability, strength, durability, natural resistance to corrosion, natural conductor of heat and energy, as well as many other important benefits.

Compared to other extrusion companies, Silver City Aluminum has the unique ability to handle your aluminum extrusion orders from the initial design and development phase all the way to shipping and delivery, without your order ever leaving our facility. One stop shop fabrication means that the aluminum is heated and extruded; stretched, cut and shaped; and any secondary operations or custom finishing applications are all done on-site. This provides us with the opportunity to give complete quality control over each and every product that we create and allows us to deliver products to our clients at a much faster rate than our competitors. Contact our team yourself to learn more about the Silver City Aluminum difference if you are in the market to develop custom aluminum products and want to know more about how to prevent corrosion through design.

Standard vs Custom Aluminum Products
When you work with an extrusion company like Silver City Aluminum, you have the chance to create totally unique products. We have a wide variety of standard extrusion dies that are used to create seamless and structural aluminum rods, bars, pipes, angles, channels, H-beams, I-beams, tees, zees and other standard industry shapes for our clients. However, we are also proud to offer the design and development of custom extrusion dies to create custom aluminum products according to the unique needs of our customers. Standard and custom extrusion dies can be used to create things like aluminum framing, panels, railings, stairs and other traditional products, as well as custom aluminum products and industry solutions that are completely original and unique.

To find out whether a custom solution might be right for you and your company, contact Silver City Aluminum by calling 508-824-8631. We are located in Taunton, Massachusetts, but we provide top quality services to clients all around the world at our one stop shop fabrication facility. Whether you need standard or custom aluminum products to prevent corrosion through design or maximize the abilities of the unique shapes created by custom extrusion dies, you can count on Silver City Aluminum to help you achieve your goals.