Aluminum Industry Solutions: Stairs, Stairways and Platforms

Spiral stairs and platformsOne of the most beneficial attributes of aluminum is that it has a natural resistance to rust and corrosion, without requiring any additional treatment or coatings. However, this attribute can be enhanced through the use of finishing methods, including painting, anodizing and powder coating the extruded aluminum before it is delivered to the client to increase the abilities for aluminum industry solutions. Everything from basic rod and bar aluminum to traditional aluminum frames can benefit from the natural protective film of aluminum oxide that bonds to the finished surface. Because of these natural and enhanced abilities, extruded aluminum is used in many areas where corrosion is a problem.

Unlike other metals that are commonly used in industry applications, aluminum is non-magnetic. This makes it an ideal choice for things like aluminum stairs, metal stairways, platforms and other related products. High-voltage applications, telecommunications and other industries where magnetic fields or sensitive magnetic devices might be used, can also benefit from the attributes of extruded aluminum. The high strength and flexibility of aluminum industry solutions also makes it very valuable in areas like construction. Aluminum resists distortion that can be caused by natural movements of buildings and by weather, retaining strength under heavy loads, allowing it to spring back from impact and other disruptive shocks.

Portable Solutions for Industry
One of the ways that extruded aluminum is used in the development of portable solutions for modular buildings, temporary offices and environmentally friendly projects is through the development of portable aluminum stairs, walkways and ramps. These are great for improving accessibility to construction trailers, offices and businesses on a temporary, semi-permanent and even permanent solutions, in some cases. Traditional aluminum frames and custom rod and bar aluminum can be used to create aluminum industry solutions for customers who require cost-effect, safe and durable access systems. Portable aluminum stairs are considered eco-friendly because aluminum is 100 percent recyclable. In fact, it has even been used to create solutions for LEED Certified projects in residential and commercial properties.

Aluminum industry solutions can be used to create portable stairs for many different types of projects, including:

  • single sets of stairs
  • multi-level towers of stairs
  • standard and custom heights
  • platforms of various heights and sizes
  • ramps for wheelchair access
  • indoor and outdoor stairways
  • fixed or rolling
  • temporary or permanent
  • spiral and circular stairs

So whether you want to create conventional stairways, stairways that feature platforms with exit landings, switchbacks and access, crossover stairways for industrial use, as well as spiral and circular staircases for residential and commercial use. Extruded aluminum is a great choice for all of these different applications because it is light in weight, especially compared to other common materials like steel. In fact, it is 2.5 times less dense than steel. This makes traditional aluminum frames and other aluminum industry solutions cheaper to ship and easier to handle. The high strength-to-weight ratio of aluminum provides unbeatable strength and durability. Extruded parts mean less need for mechanical joining, allowing the stairways and platforms to be much less likely to loosen over time like other materials.

Other Reasons to Choose Aluminum
When you are creating portable stairway and access solutions for residential, commercial and industrial needs, it pays to choose aluminum over your other material choices. Aluminum is naturally resistant to corrosion and rust without any additional treatment, but it is possible to add treatments, such as anodizing and powder coating, to provide additional protection, texture and function to your extruded aluminum parts and pieces. Aluminum is non-combustible, meaning that it will not burn or produce toxic fumes, even at extremely high temperatures. Aluminum is also 100 percent recyclable, meaning that it can be recycled in a cost-effective, efficient manner without losing any of its essential characteristics that make it such a valuable material choice.

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