The Value of Creating Custom Aluminum Products for Industry

Create Aluminum ProductsIf you are new to the world of aluminum extrusion and fabrication, there is much to learn. Unlike other more well-known processes for metal, standard or custom extrusion dies are used to create an unlimited array of shapes in a wide range of lengths and sizes. Pretty much anything you want to create in the way of custom aluminum products can be created through the extrusion process and post extrusion operations. There are many attributes of aluminum and additional benefits that come from the extrusion process itself, that make this a very attractive option for many different industries and manufacturers. Gaining a better understanding of what extrusion is, how it works and what can be accomplished through this process will help you to figure out how to use it to your advantage.

The Benefits of Aluminum
Before anything is done to aluminum as a raw material, it is already beneficial. While it is costly to mine aluminum, the good news is that aluminum is plentiful and 100 percent recyclable as well. More good news is that thanks to a major marketing campaign several years back, aluminum is also the number one most recycled metal all around the globe. This helps manufacturers to keep up with the demand for this popular metal, while providing customers with cost-effective, top quality materials to be used for extrusion and fabrication.

Aluminum products can be used in structural applications, due to the metal’s high strength-to-weight ratio and cost-effectiveness. The extrusion process, whether you are using standard or custom extrusion dies, is also very cost-effective, providing the desired results without a lot of post extrusion operations. It can be shaped into angles, beams, channels, tubing and many other shapes to create parts, components and assemblies for custom aluminum products. Aluminum products are strong and lightweight, making them the perfect choice for automotive industries, as well as architectural, creating superior results over other metals and materials.

Custom Aluminum Products in Industry
Some of the ways that parts made from standard and custom extrusion dies are used might surprise you. When we think about aluminum, we often think about beverage cans that can be easily crushed when empty. However, extrusion and fabrication of industry parts is not the same thing. The extrusion process itself, the heating of the billets and the pushing of the metal through profiles at millions of pounds of pressure, helps to further increase the abilities of this amazing metal. Post extrusion operations “fine tune” the look, feel and performance of the custom aluminum products, taking them even further than people who are unfamiliar with their abilities might imagine.

Some of the ways that these custom extrusions are used in industry include:

  • structural – building frames, doors and windows, light poles, hardware joints, car bumpers
  • electrical – heat sinks for heat engines, refrigerators and HVAC electronics
  • decorative – indoor or outdoor furniture, artistic expression, home decorations, sculptures
  • supportive – building and ceiling beams, railings, fencing, gates

The shapes and channels that are created through extrusion and fabrication can be made into complex, precision tolerance shapes that can interlock with other complementary aluminum shapes and channels. Stock and custom extrusion dies can be used to create a wide range of shapes, including T-shaped profiles, rods, angles, bars, channels or completely unique shapes that can be used for a specific purpose. This is just a small list of examples in the types of shapes and ways that custom aluminum products can be created and used in industry. There really is an unlimited range of configurations, sizes, shapes, circumferences and lengths available for extruded aluminum products.

Versatility and Customization
Beyond the design and use of custom extrusion dies, there are other things that manufacturers can specify with regard to the creation of custom aluminum products. Basic extrusion and fabrication can create extremely valuable parts that can be used across many different industries, but the addition of post extrusion operations, such as machining, punching or coating, allows for even more customization. Aluminum profiles can be created to be used for simple and straight-forward applications, such as aluminum doors and windows, or they can be custom designed to create exercise equipment, building frames or electronic components.

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