How to Use Traditional Aluminum Frames for Custom Displays

Custom Display FramesThere are many uses for extruded aluminum and one of the most popular is in the creation of traditional aluminum frames. Frames can be used in a number of ways, as display profiles for various industries, picture frames for commercial and residential purposes, as well as for the creation of custom displays. Aluminum frames can be created with either a custom or standard extrusion die.

Selecting aluminum as the material of choice provides many benefits, including lightweight structures that are both durable and resistant to corrosion. Painting aluminum products at a one stop shop fabrication and finishing facility allows even more customization options. There are many ways to use extruded aluminum frames to your advantage.

Display Profiles
Whether you know it or not, you see display profiles each and every day. They are used as part of a visual display for signs indoors and outdoors. Visit your local movie theater and you will likely see display profiles as signage letting you know what line to get into for tickets and concessions. Visit your local restaurant and you will likely see a sign telling you to wait for seating or to seat yourself. Visit a church and you might see signs letting you know where Sunday School classes are held or posted times for services.

Silver City Aluminum creates aluminum extrusions made from custom and standard extrusion dies for display frames to be used in many different industries. They can be used for marketing, advertising, directional signs, and other types of visual displays. They can hold printed materials, custom made signs, and just about anything else you might want to display. They can be customized, easily switched out to display current information, and easily stored when not in-use.

Picture Frames
Another way that traditional aluminum frames are used by our clients is for the creation of picture frames. In fact, we do a lot of extrusion at our one stop shop fabrication facility for the picture frame industry. We can supply extruded frames that can be used to create custom products for residential and commercial use. Our frames have been used in homes, offices, museums, schools, municipal buildings, and other professional situations. Large frames, small frames – even odd-sized and shaped frames – can all be made from custom and standard extrusion die profiles.

Silver City Aluminum works with clients who are in need of truly custom products that can be used for a variety of areas in the picture frame industry. Clients can further customize the components that they create in our one stop shop fabrication facility. Painting aluminum products, as well as adding other finishing applications, such as powder coating or anodizing, adds both function and aesthetic flair. We use high quality materials that can be used to create durable products designed to protect valuable imagery in both residential and commercial situations.

Structural Frames
Another popular option for clients is to create traditional aluminum frames, either using a standard extrusion die or something custom, for the purpose of structural framing. Structural frames can be used to create furniture, utility pieces, exposition displays, equipment racks, photo booths, display shelving and much more. When you choose to use aluminum as the material for this type of project, you are selecting a metal that is more lightweight and durable than any other option.

Silver City Aluminum can help clients customize structural framed by adding functional or aesthetic secondary operations and finishing. Painting aluminum products, adding textures with powder coating, or increasing corrosion resistance with anodizing, can help to change the look, feel and function of the products we create in our one stop fabrication facility. Custom shapes and T-slotted aluminum profiles can be used to create a variety of unique structures for many different industries.

Traditional Frames for Industry
If you are interested in learning more about our custom aluminum extrusion and standard extrusion die options for display profiles, picture frames and structural framing, give us a call at 508-824-8631. Our team of highly trained and experienced designers and technicians can help you find new ways to use traditional aluminum frames and take advantage of our one stop shop fabrication facility to create truly custom results. Ask about our options for painting aluminum products and details about choosing between custom and standard extrusion dies. Find out how Silver City Aluminum can help you with your industry solutions.