Aluminum Processing: Tips for Designing Custom Extrusion Dies

custom extrusion processingCastings, forgings, sheet metal and plate, there are a lot of different processing methods used to create custom aluminum products. However, the creation of custom aluminum extrusions is by far one of the most effective methods for processing and it has many beneficial side effects as well. When you choose to work with a one stop shop fabrication and extrusion facility like Silver City Aluminum, you gain the experience, knowledge and training of technicians who have been creating custom extrusion dies for clients all over the world for many years. Regardless of the industry that you are in, aluminum extrusion can be a huge asset to your business.

What is Aluminum Extrusion?
The best way to describe what happens during aluminum extrusion is to think back to your childhood and remember what it felt like to force clay or dough through a plastic profile or die. Different shape options were available, such as squares, circles, triangles and stars, which produced long lengths of shaped dough that could be cut, sliced and used to create other items. This is very similar to the process that is used, which takes heated aluminum billets and forces them through standard or custom extrusion dies at millions of pounds of pressure, to create custom aluminum products and parts for various industries.

Unlike the clay material, aluminum has many amazing attributes which make it a very popular choice. The low weight to strength ratio helps designers to create lightweight industry solutions that are more energy efficient, easier to transport, and more cost-effective overall. A high thermal conductivity, natural resistance to corrosion and long-lasting durability are some of the other reasons why so many industries are relying on custom aluminum extrusions for their success. The automotive, aerospace, electrical, construction and green energy industries are increasing their demand for this amazing and highly recyclable metal.

Custom Aluminum Products in Action
Some examples of why it is worth it to work with our one stop shop fabrication facility to design and create your own custom extrusion dies include the way that this metal is revolutionizing the transportation industry. Vehicles that are designed with aluminum parts are able to reduce their weight and increase fuel efficiency considerably. In fact, for every one pound of custom aluminum extrusions that are used in a vehicle design, approximately two pounds of steel can be removed. Throughout the lifetime of the vehicle, this can save 20 pounds of CO2 emissions and over three gallons of raw crude oil per pound of aluminum.

As a result, many car companies are looking to increase their demand on custom aluminum products by as much as 40 percent between now and the year 2025. Some of the parts that are commonly created by standard or custom extrusion dies include engine mounts, roof consoles, engine mounts and tailgate frames. Aluminum also creates corrosion-resistant, impact-absorbing parts that help to increase strength, flexibility and safety in passenger vehicles. Aluminum is also very cost-effective due to its amazing ability to be recycled over and over again without losing integrity.

Custom Aluminum Products for Consumers
In addition to the changes being made in the automotive industry thanks to custom extrusion dies and standard extrusions, there are many other consumer products that are created through the use of custom aluminum extrusions. This helps to reduce cost and make products that are lighter than similar products that are made out of heavy steel and other weighty metals.

Some of the consumer products created by aluminum extrusion include:

  • sports equipment
  • outdoor furniture
  • boats and personal watercraft
  • camping gear
  • windows and doors
  • recreational vehicles

Choosing a Quality Manufacturer
It is important to work with a custom aluminum extrusion company that can provide you with top quality results. A one stop shop fabrication, extrusion and finishing facility, like the one at Silver City Aluminum, provides quality control throughout the entire process and shorter lead times. In fact, at Silver City Aluminum our standard lead time for custom aluminum extrusions after the custom extrusion dies have been designed by you and our team, is approximately three to four weeks, including delivery time via our fleet of vehicles. Many other companies take twice the amount of time before turning your custom aluminum products over to a third-party transportation company.

We believe that the more we work with each client as a unique individual to ask questions, assess their needs and help them in the design of custom extrusion dies, the better the final outcome for the entire process as a whole. Give us a call at 508-542-7200 for more information about our one stop shop fabrication facility in Taunton, Massachusetts or to learn more about our custom aluminum products and other custom design abilities.