The Benefits of Aluminum Products: Custom & Standard Extrusion

benefits-of-extrusionWhen considering which material to use for building and construction projects, many of today’s builders and architects are turning to aluminum for a number of very interesting reasons. Most everyone knows that aluminum is one of the most recycled metals on the planet, which already makes it extremely friendly to the environment, but there are a lot of other properties of aluminum that make it an ideal choice for this industry.

There are many who view aluminum as a wonder material. It can be used in many different industries, is an excellent choice for a wide range of applications and there are many unique benefits of aluminum products that just aren’t seen in other materials.

When you look at the nature of raw aluminum, recycled aluminum and the products that are made from this material, such as corrosion resistance, an amazing weight to strength ratio, durability and more, you can see why it has been dubbed a very environmentally responsible alternative to other materials and metals that are commonly used in industry today. In fact, the use of custom and standard aluminum extrusions can help architects improve their abilities within the LEED certification program.

The “Green” Properties of Aluminum
In a world where people are influenced by marketing and buzz words, we see the terms eco-friendly, environmentally responsible, and “green” being tossed about without really knowing what they mean. For a product to be truly considered green, which simply means that it is recyclable, sustainable and versatile, it must favor environmentalism by having a low impact upon the environment. Not just locally where the project is being built, but on a global scale with regard to the way that a product is made and the material used to make it.

Aluminum is one of those materials that can be considered green, because it helps to protect and conserve natural resources and the global environment. One of the biggest benefits of aluminum products is that they are 99.9 percent recyclable. Due to environmental campaigns in recent decades and financial incentives imposed by local governments, aluminum is now the most recycled metal on the planet. It is by far the most successfully recycled materials and offers a high scrap value. Consumers readily accept recycled aluminum and aluminum products, again due in large part to industry campaigns.

Other Benefits of Aluminum Products
In addition to the recyclable properties of aluminum, there are other things that must be considered that contribute greatly to the successful use of aluminum in building, construction and architecture industries. All of these properties of both custom and standard aluminum extrusions, just further hit home the idea of “green” industry, embracing the three primary ideals of recyclability, sustainability and versatility, each in their own way.

  • weight to strength ratio – this is why so many industries are getting excited about the benefits of aluminum products, in particular the transportation industry, which includes consumer vehicles, professional trucking, buses, trains and airplanes
  • corrosion resistance – while many metals can become corrosion resistant through the use of finishing applications, such as powder coating, painting and anodizing, one of the properties of aluminum is that it has a natural corrosion resistance, which can be further amplified through smart design or custom and standard aluminum extrusions
  • mass recycling – because aluminum is one of the most recycled materials on the planet, it can be used again and again without losing any of its inherent properties, allowing for lower production costs, reduced energy consumption during manufacturing and less need for raw materials from the earth
  • non-toxic – another one of the most popular benefits of aluminum products is that this material is completely non-toxic, which means that even during heating, melting and manufacturing to create custom and standard aluminum extrusions, no toxic materials or gases are being emitted by this amazing material

More Benefits from Custom & Standard Aluminum Extrusions
Going beyond the basic benefits of aluminum products, the decision to extrude the aluminum materials to make products, parts and other pieces for various industries, is also very environmentally-friendly. The extrusion process itself is known within the industry as a very environmentally responsible approach to creating unique and innovative products for consumers, manufacturers and other essential industries. Building, construction, architecture and commercial construction are just some of the areas that really benefit from the properties of aluminum and all of the benefits that can come from using it in a project.

The corrosion resistance alone makes it a sustainable source of materials that will be strong, durable and long-lasting, reducing the need to make repairs and upgrades to the structure or finished product as quickly as what might be required of other materials. This increases the cost-effectiveness and return on investment for the project as a whole over time, helping the manufacturer or builder and the client or customer equally. The properties of aluminum make it a great choice for LEED certified properties, reducing energy consumption, increasing miles per gallon (MPG) ratings in vehicles and a whole lot more.

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