Industry Solutions: Extruded Aluminum Doors and Windows in MA

aluminum-solutions-industryThere are many different industries that rely on custom aluminum extrusions to create the parts, pieces and products that they need to be successful. In fact, there are extruded aluminum options available for just about any type of application and industry. From transportation to marine, manufacturing consumer goods to construction – and everything in between – aluminum products really help to enhance the ability, durability and longevity of many of the things that we use each and every day.

One industry that benefits greatly from standard and custom aluminum extrusions is the manufacturing industry that is responsible for the design, creation and assembly of aluminum doors and windows. These aluminum products can be used in residential, commercial and industrial applications to the advantage of the user. Aluminum is cost-effective, strong, environmentally friendly and easy to work with, making it an ideal material choice for many home fixtures and important elements.

Aluminum Basics: What You Need to Know
As one of the most common elements found on the planet, as well as one of the most versatile, what is surprising is that aluminum is also the most frequently recycled metal as well. In fact, companies that create custom aluminum extrusions, such as Silver City Aluminum in Taunton, MA, use a high percentage of recycled aluminum to create everyday aluminum products. From custom parts manufacturing to advanced aluminum doors and windows designed to improve thermal control, there are many things that we use in our daily lives that are made from extruded aluminum.

Aluminum is also non-toxic and as a very high strength-to-weight ratio. What that means is that the lightweight benefits of aluminum, which is approximately one-third of the weight of steel, has a strength and durability that far exceeds other metals when compared pound for pound. Naturally resistant to corrosion, custom aluminum extrusions can also be created to reduce corrosion through techniques applied to the custom die or profile during the design phase. Non-magnetic as well, aluminum products are a great choice in construction, engineering and utility design. It can also be anodized, buffed to a high finish, painted or powder coated to enhance its abilities and appearance.

Many Things to Many Industries
Perhaps the most amazing ability of extruded aluminum is that it can be used by so many different industries. For example, Silver City Aluminum does much more than make aluminum doors and windows or construction-based aluminum products for clients in Massachusetts and all across the country. Even standard extrusions, such as angles, flat bars, T-bars, Z-bars, I-beams, channels, rectangular tubes, squared tubes and round tubing can be used in many different ways, come in many different sizes and be used across many different industries.

Custom aluminum extrusions can be designed to include custom shapes, sizes, lengths, widths, include unique features and design elements that will enhance the anti-corrosive or strength properties of this amazing material. Aluminum products are created through the process of extrusion that can be used in some pretty unique ways. Some of the industries that benefit from extruded aluminum, both standard and custom designs, include:

  • military
  • lighting
  • electronics/technology
  • consumer products
  • aerospace
  • automotive
  • transportation
  • building and construction
  • architecture
  • art and design
  • marine
  • safety

What to Expect at Silver City Aluminum
When you decide to work with Silver City Aluminum in Taunton, MA, you gain the opportunity to have all of the extrusion, fabrication, secondary operations and finishing all done at one location, supervised by one team of industry experts and delivered to your location all by our crew. We work with clients all across the country – and around the world – approaching each order on a case-by-case basis to ensure high quality results and customer satisfaction. From our standard extruded aluminum created with stock profiles and dies to custom aluminum extrusions, which can be used to create aluminum doors and windows, as well as a wide range of other industry-specific aluminum products, providing top quality extrusions is our number one goal.

We purchase our billet from several different suppliers, choosing quality materials that are made from 99.9 percent recyclable aluminum. The billets come in long lengths, but our crew pre-cuts the seven-inch diameter pieces of raw aluminum billet into the proper size, according to the client’s needs. This helps us to reduce waste and minimize scrap. Our cuts are based upon the weight and length of the desired profile, so we calculate them specifically for each order.

Our high quality industry equipment and proprietary process will ensure that your order is supervised by our team of highly trained and experienced technicians every step of the way. We have found that the more involved we are in working with each client, the better the results are for each order. All of the components in our extruded aluminum system are top of the line, fully integrated and completely automated. We utilize PLC control technology to communicate with our machines from virtually anywhere in the world via the internet, to ensure every variable, including the rate of speed and the extrusion recipe, to maintain consistent quality control.

Call Silver City for Standard & Custom Aluminum Extrusion
Silver City Aluminum will work with you to help engineer custom aluminum extrusions that will suit your unique needs and requirements. Give us a call at 508-824-8631 for a FREE estimate on your next project or to learn more about all of the services, products, options, operations, fabrication, finishing and shipping opportunities available at Silver City Aluminum.