Benefits of Aluminum Products: 13 Reasons To Choose Aluminum

13-reasons-choose-aluminumAlthough it wasn’t used widely until the 1940s, aluminum is the most used metal in the world. It is used in construction, transportation, manufacturing, food industry products – in fact, we use it each and every day. The properties of aluminum already make it extremely beneficial, but once aluminum goes through the extrusion process, it becomes stronger, more durable and the perfect candidate for aluminum industry solutions. Post extrusion operations, such as anodizing, powder coating, punching, mitering and painting enhance the benefits of aluminum products even further.

If you are considering aluminum extrusion for your manufacturing or production project, here are 13 reasons to choose this versatile metal. Custom aluminum extrusion and post extrusion operations can help you to design and create the perfect part or product and the properties of aluminum will help to enhance your design. Check out our list and explore the many benefits of aluminum products and how they can help to advance your business.

The strength to weight ratio of aluminum is one of the best benefits of aluminum products to date. Custom aluminum extrusions can be made as strong as they are needed to be and there is another hidden advantage to aluminum with regard to cold weather applications. Unlike other metal materials, aluminum actually gets stronger when the temperature drops.

Out of all the properties of aluminum, this is by far the most exciting to the transportation industry where auto manufacturers are doing all they can to increase the miles per gallon (MPG) that they are able to get out of their newly designed vehicles. Compared to other metals, aluminum weighs less by volume. The fact that it is only about a third of the weight of steel, copper, brass and iron makes it easier to handle and cheaper to ship.

One of the other benefits of aluminum products is that it is a good conductor of heat. Compared to other commonly used metals and based on its weight and total cost, aluminum is the most cost-effective choice for conducting heat and cold, making it a great choice for applications that require heat exchangers.

Protected by an oxide film that occurs naturally, aluminum does not rust. This natural film can be enhanced even further by adding finishing techniques, such as anodizing, painting or adding a powder coating.

Pound for pound, the properties of aluminum make it twice as conductive to electricity as copper.

Aluminum industry solutions where sensitive magnetic devices are employed benefit from the fact that it is non-magnetic. This helps to make it useful for electronics or high voltage applications, especially where magnetic fields are being used.

Aluminum is a great choice for applications that utilize materials that are explosive or in working environments that are highly flammable because it does not emit sparks.

One of the benefits of aluminum products is that they can be used as a shield from infrared radiation, radio waves or light.

To date, aluminum is the most recycled metal in the world. In fact, due to the properties of aluminum, it is 100 percent recyclable, reducing energy consumption by 95 percent. When recycled, aluminum does not lose any of its beneficial properties. Even scrap that comes from extrusion and post extrusion operations can and is recycled to be used again.

One of the biggest benefits associated with using aluminum and forging it through aluminum extrusion is that it is seamless. Complex shapes of all sizes and varieties can be created in a single piece without having to join the parts together with mechanical methods. Overall, this makes extruded parts stronger and more durable than joined parts.

There are a lot of ways to customize the look and feel of extruded aluminum with finishing methods after post extrusion operations are completed. Painting, powder coating, electroplating and anodizing are among the most popular techniques that are used.

Another great benefit is that aluminum does not and cannot burn – even at very high temperatures. When it is heated to high temperatures it does not produce any toxic fumes.

When it is all said and done, aluminum industry solutions following extrusion and post extrusion operations, combine strength and flexibility to create a very resilient, durable products that can bounce back and flex after an impact.

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