The Advantages of Using Aluminum for Custom Extrusion Design

advantages-of-aluminumWhen it comes time in the process of designing the parts, products or pieces that you require, to choose the type of metal that will be used for custom or standard extrusions, it pays to do your research. While there are a lot of metals and materials that can be used with the extrusion process, there are none that are quite as beneficial as aluminum. This unique metal holds the esteemed title of being the most recycled and the most plentiful metal on the planet. That means lower costs for using aluminum and, at the same time, the knowledge that you are using a metal that has likely already been used numerous times before it is used to create your product.

In fact, the aluminum billets that are used at Silver City Aluminum are 99.9 percent recycled. This is a great thing to know for companies that are trying to create earth-friendly products that will have a positive impact on the environment. Forging aluminum through the extrusion process, whether you are creating standard or custom aluminum extrusions, makes it extremely tough and durable. In fact, the weight to strength ratio of aluminum that has been extruded cannot be beat. Increase the abilities of your extruded aluminum even further by adding secondary operations, product specific alterations and custom aluminum coating solutions, which can be created in a wide variety of colors, textures and styles.

7 Reasons Why Aluminum Rocks
While we have already gone over some of the advantages of using aluminum for your custom or standard extrusions, here is a complete seven reason list that just might help you make your decision. Custom aluminum extrusions are very popular throughout the entire globe and across many different industries, due in large part to its flexibility and cost. However, some of these other reasons might just help you to overcome issues you experienced with other metals. There are many benefits to choosing aluminum for your custom extrusions.

Reason #1 – Finishing Options
Not all metals accept all types of finishes, so if you want a specific look and feel to your finished product, aluminum is a great choice. Custom aluminum coating solutions available through Silver City Aluminum include painting, anodizing and powder coating. Each of these can be done in a wide variety of colors and textures, to help you achieve the unique aesthetic and functional requirements that you desire. Speak with one of our designers or technicians for more details on the options available for custom aluminum coating solutions.

Reason #2 – Easy Fabrication
At our one stop shop for extrusion, fabrication and finishing at Silver City Aluminum, we can provide a wide variety of specific fabrications for your custom or standard extrusions. Cutting, drilling, machining, punching, bending, sawing, mitering and other operations can all be done in-house to reduce lead time.

Reason #3 – Quick Assembly
Our team can either take care of the assembly for you or include unique options in your custom aluminum extrusions designs that will make assembly quicker and easier than ever before. One of the advantages of using aluminum that has been extruded is that assembly benefits can be included in with the custom design.

Reason #4 – Joining Options
Creating a design for your custom aluminum extrusions that will reduce the amount of joining that needs to be done is part of the process. However, there may be instances where joining is required. The good news is that another one of the advantages of using aluminum is that it can be joined to other products or even to different materials, through the process of joining by soldering, welding, riveting, adhesives, brazing or bolting. The design can also include options for clinching, clipping, slide-on joining, snap-together joining or even interlocking joints.

Reason #5 – Complex Shapes
When it comes time to designing the dies or profiles for your custom aluminum extrusions, the sky is the limit. An unlimited array of complex and integral shapes can be designed and produced using aluminum billets and the extrusion process. These shapes can be used to help reduce corrosion, eliminate issues found in other production methods or to make assembly of products even easier.

Reason #6 – Tight Tolerances
At Silver City Aluminum, we have the ability to design and produce your custom or standard extrusions to tight tolerances. Other metals might not be as easy to work with as aluminum, so this is definitely another reason to choose this metal for your production project.

Reason #7 – Reused and Recycled
One of the best advantages of using aluminum is that custom aluminum extrusions can be reused and recycled to increase the life of the finished product. The fact that the billets used to create new custom and standard extrusions are made of 99.9 percent recycled aluminum can help companies feel good about the products, parts and pieces they are creating. This helps companies that are working toward LEED certification in construction or architecture, assists businesses that are trying to improve the environmental commitment to building earth-friendly products and can even reduce costs.

Call Silver City Aluminum for Custom Extrusion
If you are considering the advantages of using aluminum and want to speak with one of our designers or technicians about designing custom aluminum extrusions, secondary operations or even about our wide selection of custom aluminum coating solutions, give us a call at 508-824-8631. We can help answer any of your questions or get you started on the design of your custom and standard extrusions. Located in Taunton, Massachusetts, all of our extrusions are done right here in the USA and can be shipped anywhere around the globe.