Applying the Properties of Aluminum to Architectural Systems

architectural-special-systemsYou might not know it, but standard and custom aluminum products are used every day to enhance architectural systems, such as commercial entry doors, store fronts, curtain walls, walkway covers and much more. Many of today’s top designers and architects are taking advantage of the natural properties of aluminum to move beyond many of the products that we think of most often when it comes to this versatile metal. Custom aluminum products can be designed to benefit the actual structure of a building, not just in the production of architectural systems. The process of extrusion works to increase the strength of durability of the metal, making it a great choice for architects who are looking to achieve LEED certification or to make their designs more environmentally friendly.

Aluminum doors and windows are commonly used in both residential and commercial applications, however the properties of aluminum make it a valuable metal in so many other areas of construction and architectural design. Taking time to study these benefits and applying them in new ways to open and closed architectural systems can help to further enhance your project. For open systems, a variety of finishes, which include painting, anodizing and powder coating, can help to protect the metal for many years of productive use. Secondary operations and other fabrications, which can be used to further enhance custom aluminum products, are also very beneficial in many different situations. Work with aluminum fabrication shops that do everything in-house to reduce lead time.

Custom Made to Order
Whether you decide on standard or custom extrusion dies for your project, it is important to know that at Silver City Aluminum, ever single client request is custom made to order. Even when standard shapes, such as bars, tubes and angles are chosen, customization can be applied to create a specific end result. Make sure to specific any requirements as to the length, temper, quantity, surface finish, dimensional, packaging, assembly, shipping tolerances or certification goals with regard to the custom aluminum products.

If you aren’t sure what you need in the way of services to enhance the properties of aluminum, but know what you want in the way of the finished product, our team of designers and technicians can help. Unlike other aluminum fabric shops, we will help you every step of the way from the design or selection of the profile to the extrusion process, fabrication, secondary operations, finishing and shipping. We handle every bit of the process in-house to increase manageability and quality control for each and every client that we serve.

Special Services at Silver City Aluminum
Some of the ways that architectural, construction and other industries can further benefit from the properties of aluminum and the design of custom aluminum products is in the special services and applications that we are able to provide. Whether you are creating aluminum doors and windows, structural components, automotive parts or some other type of unique piece, part of product, our team can help you to achieve your goals. Pretty much anything that our clients can dream up is possible to create with a special aluminum extrusion profile. Our profiles can be up to eight inches in diameter and can be created using a wide variety of special operations to get the desired result.

Some of the special applications that we specialize in at Silver City Aluminum include:

  • Snow Making Applications – our team can create high efficiency custom snow making gun designs that are lightweight, yet very durable to withstand the high pressure necessary for this type of application. The properties of aluminum help these custom aluminum products to stand up to the tough outdoor conditions and temperatures, providing a clear advantage over other metal and material options.
  • Liquid Nitrogen to Gas Heat Sinks – we specialize in creating the heat sinks at our custom aluminum fabrication shops, that are necessary for the conversion of liquid nitrogen to gas in big holding tanks. These tanks are used in commercial buildings, local municipal buildings, public properties and hospital parking lots.
  • Automotive Industry Collars – we fabricate collars for the automotive and transportation industries. We extrude them into long lengths and then cut them into smaller pieces, which are used to fabricate opposite collars, reducing overall costs and decreasing lead time for our customers. The properties of aluminum help to make this a very cost-effective and durable alternative to steel.

Speak with one of our designers or technicians about our special services and applications, to find out how they can be applied to the products, pieces and parts that you need to be created. From telescoping profiles to heli-coiling, top quality aluminum doors and windows to unique industry solutions, Silver City Aluminum can help you maximize the potential of the design to work in your favor. Give us a call at 508-824-8631 to learn more about our services or to start designing your own custom aluminum products.