Communications Industry and the Advantages of Using Aluminum

communications-industry-solutionsAluminum has earned a reputation throughout the globe as being one of the strongest, most durable materials, which is why it is a great choice for many industries. It is also very plentiful and is the number one most recycled metal in North America and in many parts of the world, which makes it a very cost-effective and earth-friendly choice.

There are so many advantages of using aluminum even in its raw form, but when it is pressed through standard or custom extrusion dies and is protected with custom aluminum coating solutions, it gets even better. From custom designed hollow aluminum tubes to standard bars and angles, there are so many different industries and applications that benefit from aluminum extrusion.

How Aluminum Extrusion is Used
When it comes to the communications industry, which includes landline phones, cable networks, satellites, internet service providers and mobile businesses, there are a lot of ways that aluminum extrusion is used. Aluminum can be made into simple or complex shapes with custom extrusion dies so quickly and easily, creating a hollowed out housing for multiple industrial applications. Aluminum is a great choice for protecting important parts of technology within the communications industry, shielding them against exposure to the elements or to protect people from exposure to the parts themselves.

Some of the parts and products created with aluminum extrusion include:

  • safety shields
  • enclosures for IT systems
  • cable and wire management
  • fittings in architectural applications
  • housings for utilities
  • industrial electronics
  • electrical motor housings
  • military components and applications
  • enclosures for batteries

Other Benefits of Choosing Aluminum
When it comes to extruding metals, there are other choices outside of aluminum. However, pound for pound, there is no other metal that can quite compare with aluminum, especially when it comes to using it with custom extrusion dies. Manufacturers can save a lot of money on their overhead just by choosing aluminum because it offers high quality results at a much lower cost than other metals. Because aluminum is the world’s most abundant metal and is second only to oxygen and silicon as one of the most abundant materials found inside of the earth’s crust, it is very affordable. Because aluminum is extremely recyclable, that means that there is even more recycled aluminum available than other recycled materials, bringing down the cost of using aluminum even more.

The process of extruding aluminum to make hollow aluminum tubes, custom extrusions and other standard pieces is also very efficient and cost- effective. Once a mold has been created from the standard or custom extrusion dies, they can be pressed and stretched into very long lengths very quickly and easily, making it possible to create large volumes of pieces in a short amount of time. Overall, aluminum profiles can also be machined and fabricated much faster, allowing for more time to add custom aluminum coating solutions and other extras, if required by the client. CNC machining can be performed quickly as well, if still needed, after the completed shape comes out of the extruder press.

Strength is another major characteristic and one of the chief advantages of using aluminum. Housings that are created for the communications industry from custom extrusion dies will be very strong and highly conductive, making them an ideal choice for protecting electrical and mechanical components. Beneficial extras can be designed in to the profile, including heat sink fins, and secondary operations, such as punching, can create instant vents or airways within the walls of the enclosures. There are no limits to the number of options available for manufacturers who want to create housings, enclosures and shields for the communication industry when you choose to work with custom extrusion dies and aluminum.

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