Aluminum Industry Solutions to Benefit the Healthcare Industry

healthcare-industry-solutionsThere are many different industries that benefit from aluminum industry solutions, in particular from the process of extrusion and fabrication. Custom aluminum extrusions can be used throughout the medical and healthcare industry, allowing flexibility in design to help create unique products that can be created to suit a particular need. Aluminum is non-magnetic and non-sparking, making it an excellent choice for the healthcare industry as a whole. Post extrusion operations can help make medical products even more durable and resistant to environmental, chemical and abrasive issues for long-lasting strength and reliability.

Special Services and Custom Designs
While we do offer a wide range of standard aluminum extrusion here at Silver City Aluminum, we also do some fairly intense custom work for our clients. We provide a variety of special services and applications, allowing our clients to dream up just about any type of aluminum industry solutions that they could desire, ranging from eight inches in diameter on up to 30 feet in length for fabrications. We can also do extrusion and fabrication of parts that range in size from one quarter of an inch on up to 27 inches in length with extremely tight tolerances.

Because we do all of our custom aluminum extrusions and post extrusion operations on-site and do not send our materials out to third-party contractors, we are able to control the quality and time management of each client’s order. We have the unique ability to create custom extrusion and fabrication, starting with the design of the profile or die, all the way to custom finishing and shipping options. Our standard lead time is 3-4 weeks, however we are also in a unique position that allows us to shorten that time for clients upon special request on an as-needed basis.

High Quality Industry Parts
There are many advantages associated with doing all of our custom aluminum extrusions and post extrusion operations in-house. Our team of highly trained and professional employees are able to create unique parts for our customers due to the top notch equipment and experience of our company as a whole. As a result, we are able to provide each client with outstanding services that are designed to meet or exceed their expectations.

We value having a close working relationship with each client and work directly on each project to ensure an extremely high level of customer service to industry professionals right here in Southeastern Massachusetts and all over the world. We put our focus on the application and function of the product itself, considering all of the specifics of its intended use. This is extremely valuable in the healthcare industry, as well as in other industries where aluminum industry solutions must be very specific.

Silver City Aluminum has many years of experience working with clients to design and create quality products. Over the years we have discovered that the more we get involved in the process of product development, the more we are able to help each individual client to achieve their goals. We take pride in our ability to work this closely with each client and believe strongly that it is an important ingredient in our overall success.

Why Choose Aluminum for Medical Products
There are many advantages associated with using aluminum within the medical and healthcare industry. In addition to being non-magnetic and non-sparking, the versatility associated with custom aluminum extrusions and the high strength-to-weight ratio of this metal have made it extremely valuable. Through intelligent design of extrusion profiles or dies and close working with clients to find viable solutions that will meet their needs and work within their budgets, we have been able to create some pretty amazing parts and products over the years.

Combining all of our talents for extrusion and fabrication, as well as post extrusion operations and finishing, we are able to create a very cost effective, lightweight design that will suit the needs of the healthcare field. Because we are able to do everything in-house, we can lower the tooling costs and reduce the overall material cost associated with the project, as well as reduce the amount of secondary operations required through better design of custom aluminum extrusions profiles. Any additional work, such as cutting parts to length, drilling holes for assembly, powder coating or even doing the assembly itself, can all be done at our facility, further reducing the lead time required to finish the project.

Contact Silver City Aluminum for More Information
If you are interested in learning more about the custom aluminum extrusions, post extrusion operations and other services available at Silver City Aluminum, give us a call at 508-824-8631. You can also use our handy online order form to submit your request before hearing back from one of our experienced technicians. Whatever you need with regard to aluminum industry solutions in the healthcare, medical or other professional industries, Silver City Aluminum can help you to achieve your goals and meet the demands of business.