One Stop Shop Fabrication and Extrusion in Southeastern Mass

one-stop-fabrication-extrusionWhile it might seem like it doesn’t matter where you go to get your aluminum extrusion and fabrication because the process is pretty much the same all over the world. The truth of the matter is that there is a distinct difference in the methods, experience and approach used to create custom extrusion dies at the various aluminum fabrication shops nationwide. Silver City Aluminum, which is located in Taunton, MA, has been providing top quality one stop shop fabrication, development of custom aluminum extrusion, high grade standard extrusions, secondary operations and professional finishing to clients all over the globe for many years.

Why One Stop Shop Fabrication Matters
It pays to do your research and work with a shop that can provide you with all of the processes that you require under one roof. The biggest benefit to one stop shop fabrication is quality control. Because every step of the process, from the development and engineering of the custom extrusion dies to the anodized finishing, is done at one location, we are able to monitor it every step of the way.

This also reduces lead times, allowing us to get finished custom extrusion and fabrication orders filled and shipped via our own fleet of in-house trucks within three to four weeks maximum. This is our standard lead time. Compared to the other guys, who can take months from the day the order was placed until the items are delivered, this can make a huge difference to our clients.

Getting Started: Custom Extrusion
The first part in the process, of course, is the creation of the custom extrusions. Custom extrusion dies are created with the purpose of the part in mind. Silver City Aluminum works directly with each and every client to assist in the design and engineering of each custom die. Standard extrusion is also available for those who do not require a custom piece. All of the billet that Silver City Aluminum uses comes from several different suppliers and is made from 99.9 percent recyclable aluminum. This is another huge advantage that aluminum fabrication shops have over other material options.

The aluminum billets arrive in a long length and our crew pre-cuts each one of the seven inch diameter pieces to the proper size. This helps us to reduce the amount of scrap, however we save the scrap and recycle it again. All of our cuts are calculated based upon the client’s specified length and weight for each profile. The billets are then heated in a long oven to the proper temperature for extrusion, which makes the process even easier. Once the raw aluminum has been prepared, it can be used to create the custom shape.

At Silver City Aluminum, we push the metal in through the custom extrusion dies at 10 million pounds of pressure. Once the aluminum flows through the profile, it will come out in the exact shape that the client has designed. The same process is used to create standard pieces with our stock profiles. The finished products are then cooled down on a one hundred and sixty foot table. We have a maximum extrusion length of thirty feet. The profiles are then stretched out onto the large tables while they are still warm enough to be stretched while using opposing stretchers, and are then cut down to the desired length, according to the customer order, before it gets heat treated to harden the aluminum.

Total Control from Start to Finish
One way that Silver City Aluminum stands out from other aluminum fabrication shops is through our use of advanced technology to fully automate, integrate and monitor each order every step of the way. We utilize an advanced PLC control technology to communicate via the internet with all of our machines. This can be done from anywhere in the world. We are able to see how each machine is functioning, monitor the extrusion recipe, take control over the rate of speed that it is being extruded and keep track of all other variables. This gives us complete control over the quality of each extrusion and fabrication that comes through our shop.

Secondary Operations
In addition to our extrusion process with standard and custom extrusion dies, we also offer secondary operations in our one stop shop fabrication. CNC fabrication of long length parts, short length part fabrication through the use of our Fanuc Robo Drill units and other processes, such as pneumatic and hydraulic punching, precision sawing, mitering, de-burring, heli-coiling and other specialty operations. Unlike other aluminum fabrication shops, we also do all of our own finishing in-house, offering our clients options such as anodizing, powder coating and painting.

To find out more about Silver City Aluminum and all of the services we provide, please give us a call at 508-824-8631 or explore our website in-depth. You can also use our online contact form to ask questions, request additional information or begin placing your order for our extrusion and fabrication services.