Custom Aluminum Products: Top Choice for the Marine Industry

marine-industryWhile there are many different industries that benefit from the use of custom aluminum products that are made through standard or custom extrusion design, one industry stands out as making the most out of this remarkable metal and this strength enhancing method of manufacturing. In particular, the New England marine industry utilizes a variety of aluminum alloys to create everything from aluminum docks to railings and everything in between. The use of creative and innovation solutions through custom aluminum extrusion has helped to provide those who rely on advanced marine equipment for commercial and personal use to expand their abilities.

Value Added Services
In addition to designing custom aluminum products for the New England marine industry, many manufacturers have also provided clients with value added services that can further enhance the products and parts that they create. For example, secondary and finishing services, such as powder coating, anodizing and painting these products can help to boost the natural anti-corrosive properties of the aluminum to provide for even long lasting, more durable results.

Outside of the marine industry, custom aluminum extrusion is being used across many different industries due to its inherent qualities and benefits. The automotive industry is just one example of how aluminum is helping to increase fuel efficiency in today’s modern vehicles while providing strength and protection for consumers. Aluminum doors and windows are used in homes for their efficiency and long-lasting strength, as well as their ability to help provide heat retention to reduce energy consumption.

How Aluminum is Changing the Marine Industry
While aluminum has been used for many years in the production of small fishing boats and aluminum docks all over the world, it has recently been used by manufacturers in some pretty exciting and new ways. As we learn more about this valuable material, we are able to get even more advantages out of it with regard to manufacturing, cost effectiveness, efficiency, long-lasting durability and much more.

Some of the custom aluminum products that are popular today include:

  • luxury boats and yachts
  • fishing boats for amateur and professionals alike
  • small leisure boats for lakes, rivers and local bay use
  • commercial boats for surveys, fishing, safety and more
  • patrol boats for law enforcement
  • high speed passenger ferries
  • automobile ferries
  • aluminum docks
  • personal watercraft vehicles

In fact, the use of custom aluminum products within the New England marine industry and by manufacturers and designers all over the world has grown so great that it is now considered the preferred material by most professionals. Aluminum is so much more than the material used to make beverage cans, aluminum doors and windows, small appliances and other consumer driven products. There are many ways that aluminum is being used today that far exceed the expectations of the industry, even just a few short years ago.

5 Reasons Why Aluminum is Best
If you are still looking for more reasons why you should use custom aluminum products created through custom aluminum extrusion, look no further than the top five reasons listed below. While there are many more reasons to use aluminum as the primary material for products created for use by the New England marine industry and for marine products all over the world, these are by far the main advantages to choosing this material.

  • LIGHT WEIGHT – Compared to other metals and materials used in the marine industry, including steel and fiberglass, aluminum is very light in weight. This provides better efficiency for fuel with motorboats and also increases the payload in vessels to allow for more equipment to be loaded on board. It also allows for better distribution of weight to improve stability and reduce costs.
  • VERSATILE – When it comes to designing custom aluminum products, manufacturers are able to create just about any shape that they want through custom extrusion. Standard extrusion can be used to create strong aluminum doors and windows as well as parts for aluminum docks and other products within the New England marine industry, yet it can also be customized to include many secondary operations, finishes and other strategic elements for better results.
  • MALLEABLE – Compared to other metals that are formed through extrusion, aluminum is by far the most malleable and easy to use. What this means is that while you will get all of the strength and durability you desire, aluminum in its raw billet form is very malleable and easy to extrude, helping to reduce overhead costs.
  • STRENGTH – Another huge advantage of aluminum to the marine industry is that it has a very high strength to weight ratio. Coming in at under a third of the weight of steel, yet providing similar strength and durability to other related materials used within the same industries, aluminum really wins out and provides manufacturers and end users with a huge advantage.
  • CORROSION – You will hear a lot about the high resistance to corrosion that is found in custom aluminum products made specifically for the marine industry. This resistance is extremely valuable, as the products are exposed regularly to water, various weather conditions and, depending on where they are used, salty water and spray, which can cause corrosion in other materials.

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