Anodizing Aluminum: Post Extrusion Operations With Benefits

anodizing-aluminumOne of the many reasons why manufacturers choose to work with custom aluminum extrusions is the natural anti-corrosive nature of the metal itself and the increased strength and benefits that come from the extrusion process itself. However, in addition to all of these advantages, it is possible to increase the protection through the use of custom aluminum coating solutions. While professional quality paint and other methods are often used, by far the most popular of these post extrusion operations is anodizing aluminum.

The process of anodizing aluminum adds an extra layer of protection through the use of oxidation to the custom aluminum extrusions parts and products. In metals such as carbon steel and iron, oxidation creates a layer or rust or other types of corrosion. However, in aluminum, the process of anodizing works to enhance the protective properties of the aluminum by creating a hard layer that has many benefits. Rather than just becoming a mere coating, the oxidation that occurs through anodizing aluminum actually becomes a part of the metal itself.

Why Choose Anodizing?
As if the benefits to anodizing aluminum compared to other types of post extrusion operations that provide protection to the metal weren’t already clear, there are still other clear advantages that should be considered. The use of custom aluminum extrusions provides manufacturers with a cost effective means of creating strong, durable and long-lasting parts and products that can be designed to suit their specific needs. Custom aluminum coating solutions should be included as part of the design, as a means of protecting the resulting pieces to increase value.

  • DURABLE – Custom aluminum extrusions that have been anodized have a protective layer that makes them more resistant to normal wear and tear than aluminum products that have not received these custom aluminum coating solutions.
  • CORROSION – In addition to resistance to normal wear and tear, anodizing aluminum provides parts and products with a thick layer of protection and comprehensive sealing to increase the ability of the metal to resist corrosion and prevent oxidation.
  • APPEARANCE – Custom aluminum extrusions that have received post extrusion operations, such as anodizing, have a much more aesthetic appearance. Manufacturers can choose from a clear coating or colored solution to enhance the visual effect of the product.
  • STRENGTH – Testing and studies have proven that aluminum that has been anodized has a much stronger surface strength than just pure aluminum alone. These custom aluminum coating solutions are second only to diamonds with respect to hardness.
  • LONG-LASTING LOOKS – The final look and feel of custom aluminum extrusions that have been anodized will last much longer due to the post extrusion operations coating. While some manufacturers order aluminum to be anodized to improve performance, others use this coating solution simply to enhance the way the product looks and feels to the consumer.

How is Anodized Aluminum Used?
There are many industries who count on the beneficial properties of custom aluminum extrusions that have been anodized through post extrusion operations. The automotive and aerospace industries in particular, have enjoyed many benefits from anodizing aluminum. The lightweight properties and high strength of aluminum is perfect for the transportation industry as a whole to reduce fuel consumption and improve efficiency. The strength, durability and anti-corrosive benefits of anodizing aluminum help to improve the daily impact of normal wear and tear, even helping to stand up to damage in the form of all types of weather.

Other industries that use custom aluminum coating solutions for extrusion include the architectural and construction industries, industrial electronics, the HVAC or heating, ventilation and air conditioning industry, as well as home appliances and other types of consumer products. Anodizing aluminum can be used across many different industries and is used in both commercial and consumer products. Jet airplanes, building structures, orbiting satellites, semi truck trailers and many other things we see, use and depend on every day also depend on custom aluminum extrusions and custom aluminum coating solutions.

Create Your Own Custom Aluminum Extrusions
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