The Advantages of Using Aluminum for Extrusion & Fabrication

aluminum-advantageIf you are considering employing the services of a professional extrusion and fabrication service to create custom products, you should also consider the benefits of aluminum products when discussing the type of metal that you will use for manufacturing. Whatever you are creating, there are so many benefits associated with creating custom aluminum products compared to other metals, such as steel or iron, especially when it comes to extrusion. The advantages of using aluminum include strength, durability and long-lasting great looks, plus there are many other reasons why so many companies are choosing this material over all of the other options available. The more you learn about aluminum, the more you will see why it is the top choice of product and parts development manufacturers around the world.

EASY TO USE – One of the reasons why many professionals started using aluminum materials to create custom extrusion and fabrication was because it is very easy to use. Of all the metals used in this type of manufacturing, aluminum is the most malleable and easy to extrude for the creation of custom shapes and designs. Because of its malleability, aluminum also doesn’t crack or break while being shaped, providing it with more integrity than other metals beyond just simple ease of use.

AFFORDABLE – As far as metal materials go, aluminum is very affordable. Because it can be recycled over and over, billets of aluminum for the use of creating custom aluminum products are very cost-effective. Custom design of extrusion dies and profiles also helps to reduce waste. Thanks to awareness and incentive programs for recycling aluminum cans and other aluminum materials, aluminum is currently the most recycled metal on the planet.

ECO-FRIENDLY – Again, because aluminum is recycled so much, it is very friendly to the environment. Other properties, such as it’s light weight, make it a top choice for creating vehicles that get better gas mileage compared to vehicles made with heavy steel and other metals. Because there is no end to the amount of times it can be recycled as one of the many advantages of using aluminum, it has become one of the top choices in alternative material usage by architects and other designers working to achieve LEED certification or rebates for using more eco-friendly materials.

STRONG & LIGHT-WEIGHT – One of the most exciting benefits of aluminum products is that they can be both strong and light-weight at the same time. Through the efforts of custom design for extrusion and fabrication, as well as the basic properties of aluminum as a material, it makes it ideal for creating parts for automobiles, boats and the aerospace industry. By increasing fuel economy for popular vehicles and providing other advantages, aluminum has become the go-to material of choice for many manufacturers across many different industries.

NATURALLY NON-CORROSIVE – Of all the interesting advantages of using aluminum, one of the most surprising is its natural resistant to corrosion. This helps your custom aluminum products to last longer than products made with other materials because it does not rust like iron or steel. Even through the processes of extrusion and fabrication, this natural layer of protection remains, helping products made with aluminum and aluminum alloys to be resistant to corrosion and damages that might be experienced with other metals.

DURABLE & LONG-LASTING – When most people think about aluminum, they think about aluminum cans that can be easily squeezed or crushed – even by a child. However, the truth about aluminum is that it is extremely strong, durable and long-lasting. Aluminum cans are made from a thin material of rolled aluminum that gets formed into the desired shape. Extrusion and fabrication are a completely different method of manufacturing, which involves the use of aluminum billets that are heated and then pushed through a profile at a very high pressure to create a desired shape. This process increases the durability and strength of the metal to create parts and products that can be used in many extreme conditions.

NON-MAGNETIC – Unlike steel, iron and other metals, another one of the benefits of aluminum products is that the aluminum is non-magnetic. This helps it to be the metal of choice in high-voltage situations. It is also non-sparking, which means it’s a great choice in volatile environments. Aluminum also efficiently transfers heat and is twice as conductive as copper. There are many reasons why custom aluminum products are far superior to similar products made with other metals.

TOTALLY CUSTOM RESULTS – Through the “magic” of extrusion and fabrication, other advantages of using aluminum means that complex shapes can be made – and made seamless. Seamless aluminum gutters and other types of products are a huge advantage for residential and commercial use, decreasing the chance for leaks and other issues commonly seen within these types of products.

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