Custom Aluminum Coating Solutions for the Automotive Industry

automotive-industryWhen it comes to providing one stop shop fabrication of parts and products that are used within the automotive industry, custom aluminum extrusion is leading the pack. In addition to providing clients with the ability to design and create truly custom results, other secondary operations, such as sawing and deburring or heli-coiling in New England at Silver City Aluminum, have helped this metal forming process to really stand out from the crowd. Custom aluminum coating solutions, such as anodization, powder coating and painting, help to further customize the results, providing long-lasting, great-looking and top-performance parts that stand up to the challenges of the automotive industry.

Applications Within the Industry
One way to see just how essential custom aluminum coating solutions can be is to look at who relies on anodized aluminum applications and other methods to create truly custom and durable parts. Manufacturers all throughout the automotive industry rely on the one stop shop fabrication abilities of custom aluminum extrusion and other secondary options to create one-of-a-kind parts that have helped to truly advance the abilities of modern vehicles, especially in recent years. Lighter weight aluminum parts and products that provide increased function through improved design are just some of the advantages associated with using aluminum extrusion.

Some of the applications of custom aluminum coating solutions and extrusion include:

  • automobile manufacturing
  • motorcycle manufacturing
  • hot rod builders
  • automotive restorations
  • parts fabricators
  • custom part designs
  • color customizations
  • increased resistance to corrosion

Basic, Specialized and Custom Industry Parts
Custom aluminum coating solutions are used, in addition to sawing and deburring or heli-coiling in New England, to create custom parts for our clients. Depending on the industry and the way that the part will be used, different solutions and methods will work better than others. For instance, many industries, such as the automotive industry, rely on anodized products and components for longer-lasting, more durable results. Outside of basic cars and trucks for consumers, recreational vehicles, the motor sports industry and even commercial vehicles, such as semi-trucks, trains and buses, all rely on custom aluminum coating solutions to increase performance and reliability.

Some of the parts that are commonly anodized include:

  • railings and supports
  • trim parts and alloy wheels
  • control panels and nameplates
  • spools and spindles for transmission
  • high performance engines and parts
  • piston rings and high pressure fittings

As a matter of fact, major racing associations, such as NASCAR, Indy Cars and CART, all use anodized aluminum in a number of different ways. It’s light weight and high weight to strength ratio make it perfect as a safe material to use in motor sports. Custom aluminum coating solutions that are applied in a one stop shop fabrication facility help to eliminate corrosion, which can be caused by flying debris. Specialized use, such as piston rings that are made from aluminum and protected with anodized coating will pull heat from the piston to the cooling jacket to increase performance overall.

Other Types of Coatings
In addition to performing specialty tasks in the design and fabrication of the parts, such as detailed sawing and deburring or even heli-coiling in New England for a more precise fit, there are other types of custom aluminum coating solutions that can be applied in addition to anodization. For example, a clear coating, colored coatings, powder coatings and even specialty paint, designed to provide color, texture and protection, can also be used. There are different types of anodizing, including hard coating, clear coating, sulfuric anodizing, close tolerance coating and much more.

When you work with a professional one stop shop fabrication business that takes care of your custom aluminum extrusions from the design of the profile all the way to the finishing process, you can rest assured that everything will be done according to your specifications. Working closely with one of our technicians at Silver City Aluminum, not only provides you with more control over your project, but also gives you insight and expert advice as to which methods would be better suited to your particular needs.

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