Top Industry Solutions: Benefits of Custom Aluminum Extrusion

industry-solutionsThere are many different industries that are served by the advantages associated with custom aluminum extrusion. There are many ways to customize aluminum industry solutions, either through secondary operations, such as sawing and deburring, to finishing services, such as painting aluminum products to provide even greater durability and protection. The focus of this article is to discuss all of the interesting ways that aluminum extrusion benefits a wide variety of industries all around the world. While there may be some that you are aware of, chances are that you will be surprised by some of the industries represented in this expansive list.

Overall List of Aluminum Industry Solutions
When it comes to using aluminum as a means of providing strong parts, products and pieces, the process of creating extrusions adds an even greater strength to the finished items. While aluminum is ideally malleable enough to be used in extrusion, it is also durable and strong enough to be used in all sorts of construction, architecture and even in demanding industrial equipment where great strength is required. Aluminum is also the number one most recycled and reused metal on the planet. There are so many reasons to choose custom aluminum extrusion for your business, project or industry.

Some of the industries that benefit from aluminum industry solutions include:

  • Law Enforcement, Security and Military
  • Medical and Dental
  • Construction and Architecture
  • Food Services – Manufacturing and Preparation
  • Aviation, Aerospace, Automotive, Marine and Other Transportation
  • Home Decoration and Furnishings
  • Electronics and Equipment
  • Sporting Goods and Recreation
  • Manufacturing (in General)

How Standard and Custom Aluminum Extrusion is Used
Now that we have identified some of the industries that benefit from the long list of aluminum industry solutions that come from extrusion, we can reveal some of the ways that extrusions are used in our every day lives. Painting aluminum products or anodizing them through a special process, helps to enhance the strength and long-lasting durability of these industry-based products and solutions. The natural corrosive resistance of aluminum, combined with its lighter weight and surprising strength compared to other metals makes it a smart choice for many different applications.

For example, custom aluminum extrusion parts that have been created with precision and fine-tuned through sawing and deburring to create advanced products are used in professional motorsports. Their heat retention properties and ability to stand up to harsh environments, elements and conditions make aluminum industry solutions a great choice for such an intense application. In fact, those are some of the reasons why aluminum extrusions are used in the aerospace industry to create aircraft and components that are used in space. The density of custom aluminum extrusion, even after finishing, such as painting aluminum products, is about a third of other similar steel parts, plus aluminum will not corrode, peel or flake and is resistant to moisture, salt spray, chemical, abrasives, temperature changes, electricity, extreme wear and even ice.

When used in construction or other types of architectural applications, aluminum industry solutions can be seen throughout the project in many different places. From decorative pieces inside the building to functional parts within, custom aluminum extrusion provides strength, durability and long-lasting good looks indoors, outdoors and within the heart of the structure. In the realm of food service and even home kitchens, aluminum is a great choice for processing and preparation equipment, preventing chemicals and repeated use from damaging the products and resisting kitchen dangers, such as mold, fungus, water, ice, repeated cleaning and other types of wear.

Coating and Painting Aluminum Products
Many industries also benefit from finishing applications that can be added to the custom aluminum extrusion. Enamel paint coatings can be hard baked onto various aluminum industry solutions to provide extra protection for outdoor products, as well as for heavy-duty indoor use options. Kitchens, bathrooms, outdoor living spaces and garages are filled with aluminum products that take advantage of coating and painting aluminum products for enhanced results. Lighting fixtures, decorative railing, shower stalls, picture frames and other decorative pieces – these are just some of the examples of the places where you will find aluminum industry solutions being used.

Anodizing aluminum parts and even painting aluminum products with advanced materials and techniques can provide added protection for extreme use components or in extreme conditions. They are used in welding shops, to create appliances, such as dishwashers, dryers, ranges and waves, inside paint or polishing rooms and to create advanced components for robotic assemblies. Silver City provides its client with a wide range of secondary work, such as sawing and deburring, as well as finishing work, such as anodizing, coating and painting aluminum products in an unlimited array of colors, according to the client’s specifications.

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