Extrusion and Fabrication: Standard, Niche & Custom Products

extrusion-fabricationWhile many people outside of the industry might not know what the term “extrusion” means, absolutely everyone has used products that were created by the process of extrusion and fabrication. Aluminum fabrication shops work with many different industries nationwide to create quality standard and custom aluminum products that are used in some pretty surprising ways. Working with a one stop shop fabrication, extrusion and finishing shop like Silver City Aluminum can help to reduce lead times, ensure a better quality finished product and allow clients to create custom results.

Common Uses for Aluminum Extrusion
Some of the places where you will see extrusion and fabrication in action include bathrooms, kitchens, residential properties, offices, retail stores, high rise apartments, commercial skyscrapers, decorative products, landscaping products, home maintenance tools and much more. Some of the industries that rely on custom aluminum products and solutions include the automotive industry, transportation industry, marine industry, construction industry and many different types of manufacturing industries across the country and around the world.

Standard extrusions and custom profiles created at professional aluminum fabrication shops can be created to provide just about any shape or size, according to the client’s needs. Additional services, including a myriad of custom finishes, colors, textures and styles, help to further customize the results for each individual client. While aluminum already provides long-lasting strength and durability, various coatings, such as powder, anodizing and painting will help the finished custom aluminum products to last even longer and perform even better.

Designing Custom and Niche Products
While many of these standard and custom profiles created at our one stop shop fabrication service can be used in a variety of ways, others are designed specifically for a single use or application. With custom extrusion and high quality, professional design and services, it is possible to create niche products according to detailed client specifications. Some of the niche products created through extrusion and fabrication include parts for custom shower doors and bath enclosures, office furniture and partitions, showcases and displays, automotive OEM and after-markets, high-end windows and doors, picture frames and interior lighting, as well as many other types of high-strength custom shapes.

Clients who have a niche product that requires a lot of logistical design and custom extrusion and fabrication can count on the highly trained, experienced and knowledgeable team members at Silver City Aluminum to get the job done according to their requirements. Our team will provide support throughout the development process to create long-lasting solutions, custom aluminum products and all of the one stop shop fabrication you require to get specific niche quality results. From angles to channels and tubing to unusual shapes and extreme sizes, our abilities far exceed many other aluminum fabrication shops throughout the industry, allowing us to provide our clients with top notch finished products.

Why Choose Aluminum?
When it comes to choosing a material to use for your project, it pays to consider aluminum. Due to its extreme malleability and natural strength, aluminum is the ideal choice for extrusion and fabrication to create a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Whether you choose to use standard or custom dies to create your custom aluminum products, all of our products can be designed to precise specifications and measurements for use in many different applications, across many different industries. The dimensions of these products can range from as small as a quarter of an inch on up to 30 feet in length.

The aluminum comes to aluminum fabrication shops like Silver City Aluminum in the form of billets. The billets are heated to a specific temperature to “soften” them up for the extrusion process and then they are pushed through the standard or custom profile to create a specific shape. Custom aluminum products can be created with the dies by stretching and cooling them after the extrusion process and by adding secondary operations and finishings after this part is done. Custom profiles can be designed to meet the specific needs of a particular product or standard profiles can be used to create parts that will then be customized through other processes.

Contact Silver City for Custom Aluminum Products
If you are in the market for standard or custom aluminum extrusion and fabrication and are looking for aluminum fabrication shops that can provide you with quality results, look no further than Silver City Aluminum. Located in Taunton, Massachusetts, we provide a wide variety of extrusion, fabrication, secondary operations and finishing for clients from all over the world. Give us a call at 508-824-8631 or use our online order form to get started designing and creating your custom aluminum products today!