Advantages of Aluminum: How Extruded Aluminum Boosts Efficiency

advantages-efficiency-aluminumLightweight, malleable, durable and strong – those are just some of the words that are used to describe aluminum. There are many advantages of using aluminum, which is why it has been embraced by just about every industry around the world. Friendly to the environment, abundant and plentiful, aluminum is one of the most recycled metals on the planet and does not lose any of its strength and attributes during the recycling process. It also holds its strength during extreme temperature changes, including both hot and cold ranges. Aluminum is resilient and versatile, used by the New England marine industry, United States military, transportation, aerospace and much more.

Custom and standard aluminum extrusions aren’t just used in professional, industrial and extreme situations, they are also used in everyday products by people all over the world. From hollow aluminum tubes used to create posts, poles and decorative parts to food and beverage packaging, the advantages of using aluminum are very clear. Naturally resistant to corrosion and enhanced through finishing applications, such as powder coating, anodizing and painting, there are so many ways to use extruded aluminum and just as many benefits.

The Automotive Industry
One of the most common uses for all types of standard aluminum extrusions, including hollow aluminum tubes, and custom aluminum extrusions, such as complicated parts, is within the automotive industry. While usage has decreased in some industries, the automotive industry continues to use aluminum for wheels, brakes, body panels, engines and much more. In fact, consumer interest in the light vehicle market has increased in recent years, as better fuel mileage and safety become even more important. Efficiency, as a result of using aluminum, comes in many forms for the automotive industry, and the fact that it is an environmentally friendly metal is just one of the advantages of using aluminum.

According to a recent study of the use of custom and standard aluminum extrusions and other aluminum parts in the automotive industry, other efficiencies associated with aluminum continue to impress consumers and manufacturers across the board. Things like braking distance, response time, acceleration speed and precision control, are all increased through the use of aluminum design in consumer and high performance vehicles. Two aluminum designed vehicles, the Ferrari 458 Italia and the Acura NSX, are considered to be very fast and very safe at the same time, due to their ability to absorb energy.

The Marine Industry
Folks living in the northeastern states understand the importance of the marine industry and the value of using high quality equipment due to the demands of the job. Aluminum has been used for over a hundred years in the New England marine industry due to its lightweight, non-corrosive benefits. The ability to be resistant to ice, salt spray and extreme temperature changes makes it an advantageous material choice for marine transportation all over the globe.

Similar to what has been seen within the automotive industry, the overall performance of custom and standard aluminum extrusions within the New England marine industry and marine industries in every other country or region, ships are able to handle and respond better than other comparable vessels that are designed using other materials. Clearly, one of the biggest advantages of using aluminum is the combined benefit of its strength, durability, natural protective qualities and lightweight density, which can be used across many different industries.

Increases in Aluminum Usage Worldwide
According to data that was released recently by the Aluminum Association, increases in demand for all types of aluminum are being seen across the board. While the automotive industry still uses a lot of aluminum each year, it was recently bumped to second place in industrial demand by the food and beverage packaging industry, which takes on 4.37 billion pounds of aluminum in the form of hollow aluminum tubes, poles, products, parts and components, as well as other types of custom and standard aluminum extrusions.

Aluminum makes transportation products more efficient, increases strength and durability in construction, reduces shipping weights and provides long-lasting protection in the packaging industry and allows for many diverse opportunities in the New England marine industry. To find out more about aluminum or to design your own custom profiles and products, contact Silver City Aluminum in Taunton, MA by calling 508-542-7200. Our team of highly trained, experienced and certified professional team members can help you find the extrusion solutions to your problems and help you reduce lead times as well.