Post Extrusion Operations: Unlimited Ways to Use Aluminum

post-extrusion-operationsOne of the biggest advantages to using aluminum in the manufacture of parts, pieces and products is that it extremely versatile and flexible. The are an unlimited number of different ways that aluminum can be used across just about every industry imaginable. Aluminum extrusion has made it possible for this amazing metal to be used in so many unique ways – the possibilities in product design with extruded aluminum and a variety of post extrusion operations are endless!

In addition to being able to shape aluminum just about any way you could ever want it, you can also customize your finished extrusions in a number of unique ways as well. From post extrusion operations that include sawing and deburring and even custom heli-coiling in New England at Silver City Aluminum to painting aluminum products, powder coating and anodizing, there really is no limit to what you can do with custom aluminum extrusions.

Other Advantages to Choosing Aluminum

The reason why so many different industries rely heavily on aluminum products is the strength and durability that is added to the metal during the extrusion process in addition to its natural lightweight, non-magnetic, high thermal conductivity and non-corrosive characteristics. While it can be pressed through a standard or custom profile, similar to what you did with play dough as a child to make specific shapes, it is much stronger and stable than any child’s toy.

Aluminum is used in a wide range of goods that are used every day by consumers and professional industries alike. The lead time for creating extruded aluminum orders, even with post extrusion operations or painting aluminum products as part of the client’s requirements, is much shorter than with other metals. In addition, when working with a top rated extruder like Silver City Aluminum where all heli-coiling, painting, coating, assembly, sawing and deburring are all done in-house inside our one stop shop fabrication facility, the quality results can be achieved in even less time to meet consumer demand.

Aluminum and the Auto Industry

The lightweight, yet durable, nature of aluminum products has helped to increase safety in the consumer automotive industry, while also reducing auto emissions in the process. How does aluminum that is customized with post extrusion operations and professional finishing help to reduce auto emissions? Studies prove that a vehicle that uses one pound of aluminum extrusion instead of two pounds of steel will save 3.1 gallons of crude oil and prevent 20 pounds of CO2 emissions from polluting the environment over its lifetime.

As a result of these studies, car manufacturers in North American have pledged to increase the use of aluminum in light trucks and personal automobiles by more than 40 percent by 2025. When engine mounts, roof consoles, running boards and tailgate frames are made with aluminum, they make the vehicle more resilient in crashes or accidents due to their strength and flexibility, while also providing anti-corrosion benefits that keep the vehicle looking good longer.

Aluminum and LEED Certifications

When it comes to eco-friendly metals, aluminum wins hands down! More than any other metal on earth, aluminum is recycled the most. Extremely sustainable, it can be recycled and reused over and over again 100 percent of the time without losing any of its inherent properties. This makes aluminum the perfect choice for green architects and builders. Residential, commercial and industrial buildings account for over 40 percent of the energy consumption worldwide, which is why so many builders are beginning to turn to aluminum extrusions and post extrusion operations to create speciality products that will contribute toward a LEED certification.

LEED stands for “Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design”, which is why aluminum is the perfect product for this growing industry. Even the operations that are done by the manufacturer, including sawing and deburring, painting aluminum products and even heli-coiling in New England, can be done according to environmentally-friendly specifications for maximum sustaintability. Aluminum even contributes positively to indoor environmental qualities due to its anti-corrosive properties and positive functionality. Make sure to ask about smart custom extrusion design that will aid in increasing the longevity of each part or product when designing your custom aluminum extrusion profiles.

Silver City Aluminum Can Help!

If you are interested in learning more about standard or custom aluminum extrusion, as well as how post extrusion operations can work to make your products even more customized to meet your needs, contact Silver City Aluminum direct. Our team of highly trained, certified and experienced technicians can walk you through the process, help you design your custom profiles and provide you with all the advice you need to choose between options for painting aluminum products or even specialty operations, such as assembly, telescoping and heli-coiling in New England at our Taunton, Massachusetts facility. Call today at 508-824-8631 to place an order or to learn more about Silver City Aluminum!