Over 100 Years of Rich History: Custom Aluminum Extrusion

extrusion-historyPeople have been creating pieces, parts and things made from aluminum extrusion for over 100 years. Initially it was first used to create basic pipes and wires, but today you can see custom aluminum extrusion used in high technology applications – including construction of equipment and devices throughout the aerospace industry. The use of custom extrusion dies that are engineered to prevent corrosion through design and experienced one stop shop fabrication services all combine together to create some very amazing results.

First patented back in 1797 and used to create lead pipes, extrusion was done via the process of manual labor. By 1820, due to the introduction of the hydraulic powered press, extrusion got a little easier and less labor intensive. At that time, most of the extrusion methods were used to create items from lead, copper and brass alloys, but by the end of the 19th century, aluminum extrusion began to grow in popularity.

When you look at the history of man’s use of metal in construction and design, aluminum is one of the newer metals to be used. It was first identified as an “elemental metal” in 1807, was refined in 1825 and was, at that time anyway, considered to be more valuable than gold. The invention of the smelting press in the late 1880s allowed for commercial production of aluminum, which made it much more affordable. Today, we see aluminum in use everywhere in our lives, from energy efficient windows and doors to soda pop cans, construction materials to lightweight, fuel efficient car parts, as well as many other uses.

The Dawn of Custom Aluminum Extrusion
Back in the day, aluminum was originally worked through processes such as rolling, forging and casting. While it is still used in that manner today, it is far more advantageous to manufacturers among many different industries when it is pressed through standard or custom extrusion dies. Many companies have taken to designing their own dies to reduce the amount of secondary operations that need to be done to the parts in manufacturing. Companies like Silver City Aluminum, which offer one stop shop fabrication, can also provide full service finishing, machining, cutting, and even assembly, to create a ready-to-use piece.

The hot extrusion process that is currently used today, was first developed in 1894 and it was used with most non-ferrous metal alloys. While other metals and alloys can be extruded using this modernized hot extrusion process, aluminum is the most commonly extruded metal. It can also be extruded using a process known as cold extrusion. The first press used for custom aluminum extrusion in North America was installed in Pennsylvania in 1904. These advancements made it possible for aluminum to be used in brand new ways, such as making automotive parts and energy efficient materials.

How the World Wars Affected Aluminum Extrusion
Another huge influence in the way that aluminum extrusion was used was World War I and World War II. Aircraft manufacturing and other military requirements, pushed the envelope in the way that custom extrusion dies were developed to create unique and important parts beyond standard extrusions. Even after World War II, extrusion continued to become even more key to industrial advancement, as manufacturers discovered how to prevent corrosion through design, which made aluminum even more valuable and durable than ever before.

Construction, transportation, aerospace and many other industries have all relied heavily on the one stop shop fabrication of custom aluminum extrusion. Bridges, buildings, highways, homes, vehicles, airplanes and much more, were all advanced through the use of custom extrusion dies and intelligent application of extruded parts. Another primary use of aluminum extrusion includes consumer products and parts that are both affordable and lightweight.

Design Your Own Custom Extrusion Dies
Silver City Aluminum is located in Taunton, Massachusetts and we are dedicated to providing our clients with the absolute best standards of quality control and service. We work with each individual client and order on a case by case basis to create a superior custom aluminum extrusion product that will exceed expectations. We put our focus on the desired application of the product and consider all of the specifics regarding its intended use. It is this dedication and our many years of providing top quality products that has helped us to create a finished design that will more than meet the needs of our clients. We take pride in becoming fully involved and invested in the design process for each and every project we take on for our customers. Give us a call at 508-824-8631 to place an order or to find out more about our services.