Custom Aluminum Coating Solutions: Why Powder Coating is #1

coating-solutionsWhile there are many different types of finishing options that can be used with aluminum extrusions to create a truly custom end product, the most popular type of custom aluminum coating solutions is powder coating. There are many reasons why it has made the top of the list compared to painting, buffing or anodizing, but one of the biggest is that it is the most durable, long lasting and cost effective solution.

When you visit a one stop shop fabrication facility, such as Silver City Aluminum in Taunton, Massachusetts, you gain the advantage of having all of the benefits of aluminum products at your fingertips. Not only are we known within the industry as top notch, professional and reliable custom aluminum extruders, but we get involved in each client’s order every step of the way to ensure that we meet or exceed your expectations.

The Advantages of Powder Coating
Unlike other finishing options that are commonly used by custom aluminum extruders, powder coating is an excellent solution for consumer products that are used inside the home, as well as for commercial businesses. The powder coating naturally increases protection for the production from extreme cold, heat, corrosion, abrasives and it even prevents bleaching from the sun even in all day full sun conditions. Not to mention, powder coating is an environmentally-friendly coating solution that looks great, enhancing the appearance and feel of the end product.

This particular method for custom aluminum coating solutions has grown in popularity in recent years, especially throughout North America. Whether you choose to take advantage of aluminum extrusion for creating consumer products, such as windows or doors; industrial products, such as vending machines or aerospace products; professional use products, such as exercise equipment or resort furniture, powder coating will enhance the benefits of aluminum products. There are many different ways that powder coating aluminum extrusions can be used.

How Does It Work?
The best way to maximize your potential out of your project is to work with experienced custom aluminum extruders who can provide you with all of the post extrusion operations and finishing that you require. A facility that functions as a one stop shop fabrication and finishing service is even better because you will have a shorter lead time and better quality control with all of the steps happening under one single roof. The process for any type of custom aluminum coating solutions starts with a pre-process inspection that is used to check for any damages or anomalies to the products that are to be coated. This will ensure more consistent results.

The second step is the pre-treatment phase, which involves the removal of any grease, dust, particles or debris that might be on the parts that are to be powder coated. Silver City Aluminum uses a four-stage pre-wash system that includes an etch, a clean wash, a neutralizing wash and a standard pre-wash. This comprehensive process helps to guarantee that the powder coating will properly adhere to the aluminum extrusions for longer lasting results.

The third step is the actual application of the powder, and it involves the use of several different powder coaters to help create great-looking aesthetically pleasing results for our clients. The lead time will depend upon the part that is being finished and on the different options chosen for powder coating. The powder coating itself is made from an extremely fine mixture of resin and colored pigment, which is applied with an electrostatic spray gun that uses a positive charge to make it bond with the product.

The final step is to “cure” the product by heating it in specialized ovens at a fixed temperature for a specific amount of time. This works to cause the powder to melt onto the product in a uniform manner, which results in a hard coating as it cools. The thick, hardened coating of these custom aluminum coating solutions provides the already naturally anti-corrosive aluminum with better protection and a longer life. No solvents or carcinogens are used in this process, making it extremely environmentally friendly compared to other types of liquid-based finishing.

Silver City Aluminum: Your One Stop Shop Fabrication Facility
If you are interested in learning more about the benefits of aluminum products or would like to contract custom aluminum extruders for your next project or parts order, look no further than Silver City Aluminum. Not only do we provide a wide range of standard aluminum extrusions and an unlimited offering of custom aluminum extrusions, but we can also provide you with post extrusion operations and secondary operations, such as custom aluminum coating solutions in our one stop shop fabrication facility. Give us a call today at 508-542-7200 to design your own custom aluminum products!