Aluminum Industry Solutions: The Aluminum Extrusion Advantage

industry-solutionsOne of the most used metals in the world, aluminum is also the most commonly recycled metal on the planet. It gains an advantage over other metals in that it can be 100 percent recycled, meaning that it can be recycled over and over again without losing its inherent properties. That not only makes it a very earth-friendly material, but it also makes it very cost-effective.

There are other major benefits to aluminum that make it a very popular choice among many different industries, but it is most valuable when it is shaped, molded and strengthened through a process known as extrusion and fabrication. Aluminum can be made into any shape and size using different methods, but by far the most advantageous aluminum industry solutions come through the use of standard and custom aluminum extrusions.

How Aluminum Extrusion Works
When heated to a precise temperature, aluminum becomes very malleable and is easy to push into a specific shape through a process known as extrusion and fabrication. This process is similar to what happens when you squeeze toothpaste out of a shaped tube – or when you pressed play dough through a shape as a child. When the aluminum materials are pressed through the standard or custom dies, it can be used to fabricate an endless variety of innovative parts and products that can be used across many different industries. Other metals can also be forged in this way, however the properties of aluminum make it by far the most advantageous choice for most industrial applications.

In the last twenty years, the use of aluminum extrusion has grown dramatically and now makes up more than 50 percent of the total market for metal extrusions. The structural strength and malleability of aluminum are two of the biggest advantages, but its natural anti-corrosive properties and benefits to such a wide range of industries make it very valuable. Once extrusion and fabrication are complete, the aluminum is much stronger and more durable than it was as a billet before the process. Silver City Aluminum uses billets that are made from 99.9 percent recycled aluminum for all of its custom and standard aluminum extrusions.

While you might think that aluminum’s malleability would make it less strong than other metals, the process actually makes the end product much stronger. While there are some cases where pure aluminum is used in extrusion and fabrication, most aluminum industry solutions call for a blend of other alloys to be used, which enhance the already impressive attributes. The versatility of aluminum provides manufacturers with more options in design, allowing an unlimited number of useful and beneficial products to be made with standard and custom aluminum extrusions.

Top Aluminum Industry Solutions
We already know that aluminum is extremely advantageous to a number of important industries and that extrusion and fabrication of aluminum has changed and influenced the abilities of many products for the benefit of consumers and industries alike. However, there are other reasons why so many industries and manufacturers choose to work with aluminum, in addition to durability, strength and malleability. For one, the high conductivity of electricity and heat makes standard aluminum extrusions a top choice for use within the automobile industry and in utilities, such as nuclear reactors. Aluminum industry solutions also include heating and cooling devices for many industries as well, including computers, internet servers, audio and video systems, electronics and even the medical field.

The lightweight and high strength combination of custom aluminum extrusions makes it an ideal choice for the manufacturing of transportation vehicles, including trucks, boats, cars, aircraft, subways and railway coaches. By using aluminum instead of steel or other weighty metals, manufacturers are able to reduce the weight of the entire vehicle, improve gas mileage and increase strength all at the same time. Aluminum extrusion and fabrication can be used to create just about anything including engine blocks, cylinder heads, transmission houses and much more. It’s lightweight – yet very strong and durable – characteristics also make it an ideal choice for the aerospace industry.

Naturally resistant to corrosion due to a natural layer of oxidation that forms on the surface, today’s aluminum industry solutions extend to the mining industry. Custom and standard aluminum extrusions can be used to create equipment that is designed to transport and dispose of waste and mined materials using specialized tubing created by extrusion and fabrication. Being resistant to rust, which is a common issue in many industries, custom aluminum extrusions are now also being used for military armaments. As a non-ferrous metal, aluminum is also not magnetic, which makes it an ideal choice for the communications industry, where aluminum tubing is used to house braided wires and coaxial cables.

Custom Aluminum Extrusions at Silver City Aluminum
Silver City Aluminum has built a reputation within the industry as a top provider of quality custom aluminum extrusions. We do all of our own work in-house, from working with our clients to create custom dies for aluminum industry solutions to the actual extrusion and fabrication, as well as finishing, assembly and other post-extrusion work. To find out more about the services that we provide or to learn more about our facility, mission and methods, contact Silver City Aluminum by calling 508-824-8631.