Custom & Standard Aluminum Extrusions: Many Uses for Industry

many-industriesAluminum tubing is a hollow shape that is used for many purposes by many different industries. When most people think of the word “tubing”, they automatically assume that it means something that is a cylindrical shape, such as a pipe or something similar. However, in most industries, tubing can be just about any shape that you can imagine. Tubing can be circular, rectangular, square or any custom shape. The only requirement is that the piece be hollow to be consider tubing.

When working with custom aluminum extruders to create unique shapes and sizes for a part or piece to be used with a specific purpose, you first need to create a custom die. Dies or profiles are made from strong steel so they will be able to stand up to the immense pressure required in order to create custom and standard aluminum extrusions. Working directly with a facility that is knowledgeable and experienced in extruded aluminum will help you to create the best shape possible for your needs.

How Extruded Aluminum is Made
Whether you are creating framework and parts for aluminum doors and windows or something for the marine or construction industries, the methods used to create these parts by custom aluminum extruders is the same. The first thing you need to do is decide what shape and size of aluminum you will need for your project or build. Designing the custom die should be done with the advice and support of an expert, such as the technicians at Silver City Aluminum, who have many years of experience working with custom and standard extrusions.

Once you have the custom die designed or the standard die selected, it’s time to create your pieces. The technician starts by cutting the billets for processing and then pre-heating them to a specific temperature so they will be malleable enough to be pushed through the steel die at the prescribed amount of pressure. The exact temperature is important in order to get a proper extrusion. The amount of pressure is also important. At Silver City Aluminum we push the aluminum billets through the steel dies at approximately ten million pounds of pressure. The aluminum flows through the profile and comes out in the exact shape that the client has selected or designed.

The Next Steps…
After the extruded aluminum is created, in the standard or custom shape that the client has ordered, the last phase is the cooling process. The custom and standard aluminum extrusions get moved to a 160 foot table. Extrusions are done at a maximum of 30 feet in length, but we can stretch them into the perfect dimension according to the client’s specifications while it is still warm using opposing stretchers. Once this part of the process is done, we are able to cut the metal to the desired length before we heat-treat it to harden the aluminum. This is why the very process of custom aluminum extruders helps to increase the strength, durability and versatility of aluminum compared to other methods for shaping metal in industry.

We take special care to ensure that each and every order is done according to the exact requirements of the client. All of our components are completely automated and fully integrated. We are able to communicate with our machines online via PLC control technology, allowing us to spot check any order at any time from anywhere in the world. We can check the extrusion recipe, the rate of speed that the machine is functioning and check all other variables so we can provide consistent and dependable quality control that our clients can count on for every single extrusion.

Custom Extrusions for Multiple Industries
The versatility of extruded aluminum goes beyond the ability of the material to be shaped in an unlimited number of ways according to the client’s needs, it is also versatile in the way that it can be used by many different industries and be beneficial in many different ways. One example is in the design and manufacturing of aluminum doors and windows. Many homeowners are choosing this lightweight yet very sturdy and durable material for upgrades, remodels and brand new construction because of the benefits that it provides. The same holds true for the automotive industry, aeronautics industry, marine industry, construction industry and many other industries around the world.

Because aluminum is the top metal that is recycled around the world and it has the ability to be recycled again and again 100 percent of the time without losing any of its properties, this is the perfect choice for sustainable or environmentally-friendly construction. Many builders who are working toward LEED certification choose aluminum doors and windows and other aluminum elements within their structure. Extruded aluminum has a far greater strength than many other metals, yet is more affordable and has a lighter weight, making it easier to install and even more cost-effective. Custom and standard aluminum extrusions can be used throughout the project to increase the sustainability of the overall project.

Custom Aluminum Extruders in New England
Silver City Aluminum is a full service, one stop shop extrusion, fabrication and finishing shop located in Taunton, Massachusetts. The many years of experience, training and knowledge that our technicians have within the industry as custom aluminum extruders helps us to provide our clients with results that meet or exceed their expectations. Whether you need standard aluminum extrusions or would like some professional guidance in creating a custom die or profile for a specific shape or piece, we’re here to help. To get an estimate on your next project, give us a call at 508-542-7200 and speak with our customer service agents or ask to consult with one of our technicians.