Aluminum Industry Solutions: Advantages in the Solar Industry

solar-industryThere are many benefits of aluminum products, particularly custom aluminum extrusion, across many different industries. From hollow aluminum tubes to custom extrusion and fabrication, many industries are now using aluminum materials because of the inherent properties of this very valuable metal. One of the industries that has recently benefited greatly from aluminum industry solutions is the solar industry. Growing by leaps and bounds as people all around the world look for new ways to harness the power of the sun to reduce energy consumption of fossil-fuel based resources for the betterment of the planet.

While many people in the solar industry have focused strongly on the use of panel manufacturers, cutting costs for materials and making solar systems more affordable has recently become a real priority. There was an industry report that was published in a leading solar industry magazine, which touted the benefits of using aluminum extrusion and fabrication to help reduce production costs and to create more durable and longer lasting frames and racking systems. The solar industry has realized what many other industries have known all along, that there are many benefits to aluminum industry solutions.

The Versatility of Aluminum Extrusion

One of the greatest benefits of aluminum products is the extreme versatility in the way that they can be extruded, fabricated and finished to the custom specifications of the client. Custom extrusion dies help manufacturers to create a specific product that can be designed to interlink with other products created by extrusion and fabrication for easy assembly for further cost savings. The ability to design custom hollow aluminum tubes, bars and rods for a unique industry application, gives solar industry manufacturers an edge over competitors that use other materials and methods of design.

Aluminum extrusion offers many benefits compare to other methods, such as forming rolled steel. The extrusion process of heating aluminum billets and pushing them through steel dies with extreme pressure, helps to increase the strength and durability of the metal. It also costs less to manufacture parts and pieces via extrusion and fabrication than roll form steel. A huge difference can also be seen in the lead time for production in extrusion compared to other methods. All of this translates to added value for the consumer and improved products for the solar industry as a whole.

The Durability of Aluminum Extrusion

In addition to being very versatile and cost-effective, there are other benefits of aluminum products. Without any retrofit requirements, aluminum will last for the entire duration of a renewable project lifetime. If upgrades are made and equipment is changed out, at the end of life the aluminum is still 100% recyclable, making it extremely sustainable and environmentally friendly compared to other materials. This gives investors a high recovery payback and helps them to conform to industry standards for the use of sustainable materials, which is an added bonus for any project attempting to get LEED certification.

The natural non-corrosive properties of aluminum industry solutions just adds to its durability. The high strength to weight ratio is extremely beneficial, especially in installations where weight on a roof or other location is a concern. Compared to other metals that are often used for the solar industry, such as steel, aluminum has a much greater level of longevity and sustainability, making it the all around best choice. From custom extrusion and fabrication to even standard hollow aluminum tubes, there are many options available to manufacturers in the solar industry with this material.

Other Benefits of Aluminum Products

In addition to all of the advantages that we have listed so far, there are still more benefits associated with using aluminum extrusion and fabrication. The light weight nature of aluminum in the construction of solar racking systems can help to reduce shipping costs and on-site labor for installation, as it requires less manpower. Aluminum mounting structures cost less than steel and is just under a third of the weight for a comparable steel structure.

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