Custom Aluminum Extrusions as Important Industry Solutions

industry-solutionsThere are many different industries that rely on custom aluminum extrusions. There are many associated benefits of aluminum products that make this a very important material to the world of industries. The inherent properties of aluminum are a big part of why custom aluminum extrusions are so vital to industry. Choosing to work with a high quality, trusted provider of professional custom components helps to enhance these advantages, which include strength, durability, natural corrosion resistance, malleability and the ability to recycle and reuse aluminum over and over again without losing integrity or any of its other important properties.

Silver City Aluminum is a one stop shop extrusion, fabrication and finishing manufacturer located in Taunton, Massachusetts. Our team is highly trained, knowledgeable and experienced in the properties of aluminum and the professional creation of standard die and custom aluminum extrusions for businesses like yours all around the world. We work directly with each and ever client to ensure that the products we create according to your specifications will meet or exceed your expectations in every way. By doing everything in house, we are able to ensure that everything is being done a top quality level of professionalism from start to finish.

Industries That Rely on Aluminum
There are many different kinds of components that are made from custom aluminum extrusions. Beyond the initial design of the custom profile, machining, fabricating and finishing these items helps prepare them for use in many different applications. It would be practically impossible to list all of the different industries that take advantage of the benefits of aluminum product, but here is a list of just some of the ways these components are used.

  • AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRY – As more and more car companies attempt to increase fuel efficiency due to consumer demand, manufacturers are realizing the advantages associated with the properties of aluminum, such as lighter weight frames and parts, compared to heavier steel.
  • CONSUMER PRODUCTS – There are many products for consumers that benefit from custom aluminum extrusions. The low cost of materials and one stop shop manufacturing at Silver City helps to keep product costs down for the end user too. The strength and durability of aluminum helps extend the life of the product without increasing weight or cost compared to other materials.
  • SPORTS INDUSTRY – There are many ways that standard and custom aluminum extrusions are used in the sporting world. Aluminum bats, goal posts, concession stands, stadium seating, shade awnings and much more all enjoy the benefits of aluminum products.
  • ENERGY INDUSTRY – Many different types of alternative energy sources have turned to using aluminum components specifically because of the properties of aluminum. The natural corrosion resistance, strength, durability and malleability make it perfect for creating solar panels, windmills, support structures and other components.
  • MARINE INDUSTRY – The boating industry has known about the advantages associated with the properties of aluminum for many years. From masts to seating, railing to deck components and much more, custom aluminum extrusions can be found all over the marine industry.

Custom Design and Manufacturing
Another one of the top benefits of aluminum products is that it can be formed to just about any size, shape or length. When you work with the experienced technicians at Silver City Aluminum, you gain all of our years of knowledge and expertise in working with standard and custom aluminum extrusions. We can help you throughout the entire process, from designing the custom steel die or profile to choosing the type of finishing options that will best enhance your products.

Is is important to hire a company that you can trust and count on to create the custom aluminum extrusions you need according to your unique specifications. All of the components created in our system are top of the line. Everything is fully automated and integrated for effectiveness and efficiency. We utilize PLC control technology to communicate with our machines online, allowing us to check your order at any stage of the process from anywhere in the world.

These tools also help us to double-check how the machine is functioning, as well as to check the extrusion recipe, rate of speed and any other essential variables. We do this in order to provide our clients with more consistent and dependable quality control. To find out more about our services or to get an estimate for your next project, give us a call at 508-824-8631. We are located in Taunton, Massachusetts, however our services are available all over the world. It is our goal to meet or exceed your expectations with every order you place.