Aluminum Finishing: One Stop Shop Fabrication at SC Aluminum

aluminum-finishingDepending on the products or parts that you are having created with custom extrusion dies, there are many different ways that the surface of the actual component can be finished. There are an unlimited number of variables that must be considered, whether the main goal is to create an aesthetically pleasing finished product or to enhance the function, strength and durability of the item in question.

There are many benefits to using aluminum, one of which is its natural ability to prevent corrosion through the development of a protective oxidized layer. However, beyond that natural coating, many manufacturers choose to invest in adding additional coatings or painting aluminum products to enhance those natural abilities.

Choosing to work with aluminum fabrication shops that can extrude the aluminum according to your exact specifications and also provide a one stop shop fabrication process that includes finishing, assembly and other enhancements can save you time and money. Time, in that you won’t have to wait as your components are shipped from one shop to the next and back before they are delivered and money in the increased costs associated with bringing in third parties to complete the work as required. Silver City Aluminum provides truly one stop shop fabrication, extrusion, and a host of other services to help you get your products in a timely manner and at a price that you can afford.

Choosing a Finish
There are many different type of finishes that can be applied to your aluminum products after they have been created using custom extrusion dies or standard profiles. Of the finishing options available, the most popular and widely used options include powder coatings, anodized finishes and painting aluminum products with liquid paints.

Paints can range between a number of different types as well, including acrylics polyesters, fluropolymers and silicon polyesters. Each type can be selected in just about any color and sheen. A polycron application for painting aluminum products is used in conjunction with a pre-wash treatment system to ensure that the paint properly adheres to the aluminum materials.

At Silver City Aluminum, we do a four-stage pre-wash system to pre-treat the components that we create for our clients with our standard or custom extrusion dies. The four stages are instrumental in helping the next phase of painting aluminum products to adhere to the materials for longer lasting, more durable results. The stages include etching, a clean wash, a neutralizing wash and then finish with a standard pre-wash. All of this is done in-house at our one stop shop fabrication facility so we can decrease lead time and ensure that every step of the process is done professionally to meet or exceed the expectations of our clients.

Chemical applications and even mechanical finishes, such as grinding, buffing, polishing, sanding and blasting, are also other ways that aluminum components made from standard and custom extrusion dies can be protected. This additional layer of protection helps to keep the aluminum components looking and performing at their optimum level for many years to come beyond the already long-lasting durability of the material.

Other Finishing Options
In addition to painting aluminum products or adding chemical and mechanical finishing to products created from our wide array of standard and custom extrusion dies, clients can choose to add a powder coating or select anodizing to increase the protective coating on their components. Powder coatings provide a great-looking, aesthetically-pleasing look and feel to the finished product. Clients can choose from a wide selection of colors at aluminum fabrication shops to further customize their results.

Anodizing is a process that involves the dyeing of either short or long pieces. Depending on the one stop shop fabrication facility, the process can be applied either in small runs or larger runs once the rest of the fabrication process has been completed. Sometimes a variety of finish options, including colored options, may be applied and included in the anodizing process.

At Silver City Aluminum we utilize several different powder coaters and anodizers so we can provide our clients with a variety of options with regard to the final look and performance of the finished product. The lead time with this part of the process will depend on the part that is being finished, as well as the method that is chosen to coat the components. A wide array of colors are available in powder coating and for those who choose anodizing, clear, black and multi-color options can be selected.

Silver City Aluminum: Truly Custom Results
Our mission at Silver City Aluminum is to provide our clients with top quality products that are extruded, fabricated and finished according to their specific requirements. We provide true one stop shop fabrication, with every step of the process being completed within our facility. From painting aluminum products to other types of protective coating applications, to the use of standard and custom extrusion dies, our aluminum fabrication shops will meet or exceed your expectations and provide you with the components you require. Give us a call today at 508-824-8631 to place an order or to find out more about our services.