Aluminum Extrusion Design: Creating Custom Aluminum Products

extrusion-designThere are many advantages of using aluminum in the creation of parts, products and components. Many different industries all around the world rely on custom aluminum products each and every day. Aluminum extrusion design is a method that is used to turn aluminum alloy into components that have a strategic cross-section shape that can be used in an unlimited number of ways.

Extrusion and fabrication of aluminum helps to enhance the unique characteristics and benefits already associated with the material. The malleability of the aluminum itself, allows for easier extrusion than other metals, while still maintaining comparable strength and durability. While aluminum only has just a third of the density of steel, it still has all the stability and strength required for most industrial applications.

What is Extrusion?

The basic process of aluminum extrusion design involves the use of either a standard or custom profile that is used to create a specific shape. Once the profile or die has been created, the aluminum is heated to approximately 800-925 degrees Fahrenheit. Silver City Aluminum uses billet that is made from 99.9 percent recyclable aluminum and purchases from several different suppliers within the industry. We pre-cut the billets into the proper size according to the calculations for the length and weight of the client’s profile to help minimize scrap.

The billets are then pushed through the steel profile using approximately 10,000,000 pounds of pressure. The heated aluminum flows through the standard or custom profile to come out in the desired shape, according to the client’s specifications to create custom aluminum products. The next phase of extrusion and fabrication includes passing the aluminum piece onto a cooling table where industry fans are used to cool the aluminum extrusion design. The piece can then be straightened or stretched as required to achieve the specified size and shape.

What is Fabrication?

The second part of the process with aluminum extrusion design is known simply as fabrication. Once the extrusion is complete, the cooled and hardened pieces are brought to a saw table to be cut according to the client’s order. The extrusions are then treated with heat to speed up the hardening process to maximize the end result. Once this part is finished, additional fabrication is done to further customize the products. Types of fabrication that can be done to enhance your aluminum extrusion design include pneumatic and hydraulic punching, precision sawing and mitering.

At Silver City Aluminum, we have the capability to do both long and short part fabrication in-house as part of our one stop shop extrusion and fabrication services. We can fabricate pieces up to 30 feet in length via our high-speed Emmegi CNC machines. These machines allow ups to machine, drill and tap at consistently tight tolerances to meet the needs of our clients. We use Fanuc Robo Drill units to fabricate short parts, ranging from an amazing quarter-inch on up to 27 inches in length. Again, this machine allows us to machine parts consistently to extremely tight tolerances.

Why Aluminum?

There are many advantages of using aluminum. Because it is 100% recyclable and is one of the most recycled metals in the world, it is more affordable than other metals that rely more on raw materials. Because it is 100% recyclable, aluminum is very low in cost, making projects more affordable. The lightweight, yet sturdy and durable nature of aluminum makes it ideal for industries or projects where weight is an issue. In the development of race cars, speed boats and even aerospace, aluminum is the perfect material.

Some other advantages of using aluminum include:

  • corrosion resistance
  • non-magnetic properties
  • conductivity
  • malleability
  • can be recycled repeatedly without losing integrity
  • strength and durability
  • adaptable to just about every industry

All of the properties associated with aluminum make it the best choices for extrusion and fabrication. The quality of the custom aluminum products that we are able to make at Silver City Aluminum are a testimony to the value of this precious metal. Custom aluminum extrusion design can be used to create just about any size or shape of component for use by residential, commercial and industrial consumers across the board.

Create Custom Aluminum Products at Silver City

If you are interested in learning more about the advantages of using aluminum or are interested in getting an estimate on extrusion and fabrication for the purpose of creating custom aluminum products, look no further than Silver City Aluminum for all of your aluminum extrusion design needs. Our team can help you choose the right standard dies or help you create custom designs for profiles that will provide you with the components that you require. Call today at 508-824-8631 for a FREE estimate or to learn more about our services.