Unlimited Options: Custom Extrusion & Fabrication of Aluminum

unlimited-optionsThere are so many different ways that aluminum can be used to create truly custom results. Even with standard rod and bar aluminum, there are custom aluminum coating solutions that can be applied to create entirely unique results. Aluminum fabrication shops that offer all of these initial design, extrusion, secondary operations and finishing all at one location have a huge advantage over other extruders that send out materials to outside vendors.

When everything is done under one roof, you can rest assured that the quality control of your overall extrusion and fabrication services will be top notch and supervised every step of the way. Lead times are also increased when parts can be painted, powder-coated, anodized or heli-coiled right there on-site. In addition to all of these standard and custom services, Silver City Aluminum also offers specialty services that can sometimes be hard to find.

Creating Your Own Custom Die

One of the biggest advantages to creating your own custom die is having the ability to set your own standards and create custom aluminum products that are uniquely yours. A die is what is used to create all types of aluminum extrusions, including custom pieces and standard parts, such as rod and bar aluminum. The aluminum is pushed through the die to create the profile according to the client’s specifications. The die is typically made from steel so it can withstand the great pressure from the extrusion machine as it presses the heated aluminum through the profile.

There are two primary types of dies, which include solid and hollow. A solid tube of metal versus a hollow tube of metal are both very similar and very different. Each can have different advantages and disadvantages, while being used in different ways. Solid profiles are created through the use of a single flat die, while hollow profiles are created using a two-part die. One part shapes the cavity on the inside of the profile, while the other part shapes the outer contours and shapes of the profile. This can allow for even more unique customization for the client. Most dies will last through many instances of extrusion and fabrication at professional quality aluminum fabrication shops, however the shape and surface quality may affect the number of times that the die can be used.

Special Services: Beyond Basic Rod and Bar Aluminum

For clients who want special services that move beyond custom aluminum coating solutions, extrusion and fabrication, Silver City Aluminum delivers. Pretty much anything that our clients can dream up can be created using a special aluminum extrusion profile on up to a maximum of eight inches in diameter. While the type of custom products that can be created in our aluminum fabrication shops is limited only by the needs, imagination and budget of the client, here are some examples of the specialty services that we have provided in the past.

  • Liquid Nitrogen to Gas Exchange Cold Sinks – Our team has had the task of extruding the heat sinks that are used to create the liquid to gas conversion for those great big fuel holding tanks. These tanks can be seen located at commercial buildings, municipal properties, public buildings and even hospital parking lots. The extrusion and fabrication of these specialty items can also involve custom aluminum coating solutions for improved anti-corrosion properties and aesthetic benefits.
  • Snow Making Applications – While we don’t need a lot of man-made snow in the northeastern states, we have the ability to create custom snow making gun designs in our aluminum fabrication shops that are extremely efficient. Made from a special and totally custom aluminum extrusion and fabrication process, these snow guns are extremely lightweight, yet remain very strong and durable, making them excellent for high pressure usage. They can stand up to the tough temperatures and outdoor conditions required for their use, giving these aluminum products a huge advantage over similar products manufactured with other metals.
  • Telescoping Profiles – Excellent for quick assembly tents, awnings and other similar consumer products, telescoping profiles can be an important part of manufacturing for many of our clients. Our aluminum fabrication shops can assist in the creation of custom rod and bar aluminum, as well as custom telescoping profiles that are designed to fit perfectly into one another. We are able to achieve an amazingly tight tolerance in our aluminum extrusion and fabrication, which enables us to create even small telescoping shapes with great results.
  • Automotive Industry Collars – We have made a lot of different automotive parts in our extrusion and fabrication experience, but we also produce aluminum collars for the automotive industry. First, we extrude the aluminum into long lengths and then cut them into smaller pieces. We use the smaller pieces to fabricate opposite collars to reduce costs for the client and provide a durable and effective solution. Depending on the client’s needs, these collars can also receive custom aluminum coating solutions for aesthetic or functional purposes.

Create Specialty Custom Aluminum Products at Silver City

Our team prides itself on our ability to create truly unique and custom aluminum products for our clients. Our aluminum fabrication shops have the ability to create everything from standard rod and bar aluminum to client-designed extrusion and fabrication, as well as custom aluminum coating solutions and finishes. We do it all in-house at our one stop shop fabrication and extrusion facility in Taunton, MA. Give us a call at 508-542-7200 or start creating your custom order online using our handy web-based form.