The Never-Ending Circle of Life for Custom Aluminum Products

circle-of-lifeWhether it is used to create standard aluminum extrusions, which will be used as parts for doors and windows, street sign poles or parking lot posts; or as custom aluminum extrusions, which will be used to create aluminum products for the New England marine industry, aluminum has an amazing and never-ending circle of life that must be understood to be truly appreciated. Despite the fact that there is plenty of raw material available to be mined around the world to produce high quality aluminum, it is still the most recycled metal on the planet. What’s more, aluminum can be recycled over and over and over again without losing any of its beneficial properties. Used in just about every industry all over the world in some way, shape or form, aluminum is a very important metal to all of mankind.

In the Beginning…
Aluminum starts its journey as a substance known as bauxite. This is the main starting point for aluminum production and, lucky for us, experts estimate that there is enough raw material to last humans another 200-400 years without any shortages. This figure does not account for any increases in the recycling of aluminum or the use of recycled aluminum to create brand new aluminum products. It also doesn’t take into consideration any new discoveries of bauxite in the earth’s crust, so there could be hundreds of years more than anticipated.

The chemistry of aluminum, once it finishes the refining and processing stages, requires a lot of electricity to get from bauxite in the ground to aluminum billets ready to be made into standard aluminum extrusions or custom aluminum extrusions and other types of manufactured aluminum products. However, the energy that is used to create aluminum is worth the initial investment. It helps to reduce energy consumption in transportation, as it is used to create lighter weight automobiles, trucks, airplanes and other vehicles, which means a greater mile per gallon payoff. Recycling is also another big part of aluminum’s circle of life and another great payoff when it comes to saving energy.

Recycling Again and Again and Again
One of the most valuable resources available in manufacturing around the world is scrap aluminum. Fortunately it is the most recycled metal in the United States and in other countries all over the planet. Scrap aluminum can be used to create all sorts of custom designed aluminum products, which can be used in the New England marine industry and many other types of businesses and consumer-driven markets.

Energy is saved when aluminum is recycled, as it only takes five percent of the original amount of energy required to turn bauxite into aluminum. Known as an “eco-metal” in industry circles, aluminum is very easy to recycle and hardly any of the metal is lost during the remelting process. The more that consumers work together to sort and recycle aluminum products, including beverage cans, food containers, door and window frames, parts for the New England marine industry and other items, the more we will be able to recover and continue to use this amazing metal. There is no limit to the number of times that aluminum can be recycled.

Why Custom Aluminum Extrusions?
When it comes to choosing a metal to create specialized products that can be used in commercial and consumer settings alike, aluminum is a very popular choice. It is strong, durable, long-lasting, has natural anti-corrosion properties and is very affordable. It is also very malleable, which makes it perfect for custom and standard aluminum extrusions. Companies like Silver City Aluminum create specialized and custom aluminum products for clients using a standard or custom die to make a basic profile. That profile can be used to make large and small finished products in a wide array of widths.

To find out more about all of the advantages associated with creating aluminum products versus other types of metal solutions, contact Silver City Aluminum. Our team can help you to design your own custom die to create custom aluminum extrusions or choose from our many standard die options to create standard aluminum extrusions that have many uses. Whether you work or serve the New England marine industry, trucking industry, transportation industry or another type of business, custom aluminum products can be a huge advantage in more ways than one.