Increase Energy Efficiency: Extruded Aluminum Doors & Windows

doors-and-windowsBuilders, designers, architects, construction contractors and homeowners are scrambling to find new ways to increase energy efficiency and reduce energy consumption through the use of materials that are designed to prevent heat loss. While most people will instantly think about commercial or residential insulation when they consider ways to prevent heat loss, updating old windows and doors can make a big difference. Today’s extruded aluminum doors and windows are able to make noticeable improvements to energy efficiency, thermal control and overall comfort within a commercial structure, office building or a home.

Aluminum Doors and Windows: The Facts
Studies have revealed that heat loss can be reduced by as much as 60 percent just by switching from PVC or wood materials for doors and windows to extruded aluminum. Another advantage of using extrusion and fabrication for the design and manufacture of aluminum doors and windows is the ability to create a leak-free solution that is custom designed to fit together perfectly to create a frame that will meet or exceed today’s stringent energy efficiency standards.

The thermal performance of well-designed custom aluminum extrusion when used to create energy efficient aluminum doors and windows can save more than one hundred times the energy that would be consumed using other materials over the life of the structure. This has been proven in studies here in the United States and in other energy-focused countries like Australia and throughout Europe. In areas where there are extreme weather conditions, such as very hot climates and extremely cold winters, the savings can be as high as three hundred times compared to other materials.

Long Lasting, Strong and Durable
Another advantage to choosing aluminum doors and windows that have been created through a professional process of extrusion and fabrication, is that they are very strong and durable, providing long-lasting, corrosion resistance for many years. Extruded aluminum will not crack, warp, split or swell over time and its natural resistance to rust means that additional finishes are not required. However, additional protection and aesthetic benefits can be provided through custom aluminum extrusion finishing, such as painting, anodizing and powder coating.

Compared to other materials used to created energy efficient doors and windows, aluminum is also less expensive to produce. This also makes it more affordable for customers and property owners who are looking to upgrade older materials or improve efficiency in existing structures. So not only will the energy savings help to pay for new aluminum doors and windows through reduced energy consumption and better thermal control, but it will also be more affordable from day one, reducing costs associated with the renovation, remodel or building construction project.

Truly Custom Aluminum Doors and Windows
Manufacturers who choose to use extruded aluminum in the creation of their aluminum doors and windows gain access to a flexibility not found with many other materials. The only limits to what extrusion and fabrication of aluminum can provide are your imagination. Variations on size, strength, color, shape and options all make it possible to create a truly unique and flexible finished product. Aluminum doors and windows can be extremely simple and economical or they can be elaborate and provide consumers with an even more effective solution with unmatched thermal control and heat loss prevention.

The ability to apply unique finishes to custom aluminum extrusion is also beneficial. Working with a company like Silver City Aluminum, where all extrusion and fabrication, as well as finishing and engineering are all done in-house at a single location, also means shorter lead times. The finishes can be customized to match any color scheme or style, providing manufacturers of aluminum doors and windows the ability to achieve special order requests using powder coating, painting and other solutions with a number of great-looking finishes.

The industry standard is about 30-45 days from the date that the order for extruded aluminum is placed until the day that it is delivered to the client. Silver City Aluminum has the ability to create custom aluminum extrusion products that are completed, finished and delivered to the client within 3-4 weeks maximum. Taking care of all the details in-house allows us to provide better quality control, top level customer service and we even deliver using our own fleet of trucks to make sure that products arrive in the same condition that they were created.

Contact Silver City for Custom Aluminum Extrusion
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